Honduras: Banking profits increase 18%
Oct-7-08 | During the first semester of 2008 the banks increased their earnings by 18 percent in comparison to the previous year.
Earnings Fall by 39.1% in Honduan Private Banking
Jun-4-09 | At the end of the first quarter of this year, profits were $32 million, 39.1% less than during the same period last year.
Panama: Banca Privada d'Andorra to be Liquidated
Jan-31-17 | Almost two years after the bank was taken over and after a missed sale, the Superintendency of Banks has ordered its liquidation.
Panama: Banca Privada D'Andorra Intervention Extended
Nov-2-15 | For the second time a 90 day extension has been approved for the reorganization of Banca Privada d'Andorra, which has been operated by the superintendent since March 2015.
Delays to Liquidation of Banca Privada de Andorra
Nov-29-17 | Almost a year after the liquidation of the bank was ordered, depositors have not yet received their funds, and in order to complete the settlement, the parent company will have to turn over $60 million.
Honduras: Reforms to Law on Financial Institutions
Aug-3-16 | The proposal includes changing the conditions needed to order the forced liquidation of an institution, facilitating the fight against financial activities related to criminal activities.
Panama: Financial Intervention Extended
Apr-16-15 | The Superintendency of Banks in Panama has extended by 30 days the measure to take administrative and operational control of Banca Privada D'Andorra which was decided in March.
Panama: 5 New Banks Authorized to Operate
Jun-30-10 | In the first half of the year the Banking Superintendence (SBP) has authorized 5 banking institutions to operate in the country.
Insurance Market in Honduras Grows by 10%
Feb-22-12 | At the end of last year, 2011, the insurance market reported a growth of 9.6% compared with 2010.
Honduras: Early Warning System for Banks
Jul-27-11 | The security of financial systems are to be strengthened in order to prevent potential crisis.
Panama: Intervention in Banca Privada D'Andorra
Mar-12-15 | The Superintendency of Banks has given the order for Administrative and Operational Takeover after the US government accused the Group BANCA PRIVADA D'ANDORRA of alleged money laundering.
Costa Rica: Stats on Credit to Businesses in 2014
Feb-6-15 | With the exception of construction, in 2014 all productive sectors requested more credit from the banking system than they did in the previous year.
Panama and Venezuela Resume Talks Over Debt
Nov-19-14 | The two governments have agreed to establish working groups in order to negotiate the payment of Venezuela's debts with companies in the Colon Free Zone and Copa Airlines.
Law Against Money Laundering in Honduras
Dec-12-14 | Although two articles are still pending, the Special Law Against Money Laundering Crimes approved by congress establishes harsher penalties for money laundering.
Honduras: High Interest Rates Paralyzes Construction
Mar-27-13 | The real estate industry complains that lack of credit and interest rates that increased from 10% to 21% are preventing housing construction in the country.
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