El Salvador Real Estate Market
Apr-27-11 | Safety and accessibility are the determining factors for the price of leases.
Regional Real Estate Congress in Guatemala
Jun-16-21 | From September 9 to 10, the VI Latin American Real Estate Congress CILA 2021 will be held in Ciudad Cayala, in zone 16 of the country's capital city, an event that will analyze opportunities to buy properties in the region and the reality of real estate sales in the post-pandemic era.
Construction Permits down 26% in Panama
May-10-10 | The country issued permits for $297 million in construction projects in the first four months of 2010, 26% less than the same period of 2009, when $401 million were authorized.
Panama: More Flexibility Demanded in Rent Law
Feb-23-11 | Real Estate Agents demanded the Ministry of Housing greater flexibility to be able to execute evictions due to payment defaults.
Excess Supply of Luxury Homes
May-4-10 | The real estate market in Panama has an excess supply of between 5.000 and 8.000 luxury residences.
Analysis of Panama's Real Estate Market
Sep-11-09 | 7.656 new homes have been sold since September 2008, netting $861 million.
Panama: Horizontal Property Law Generates Controversy
Apr-14-09 | The project would allow developers who have unsold or unrented properties to pay lesser fees for maintenance costs.
Housing Sales Drop 70% in El Salvador
Feb-12-09 | The sale of houses has fallen 70% and the most affected range of housing is that of more than $150 thousand, explains Gonzalo Olano, an expert in real estate.
Home Sales: Optimism in Panama
Feb-3-20 | After the Preferential Interest Act was modified and the maximum limit for applying preferential interest to the purchase of homes was raised to $180,000, an 11% decrease in the inventory of available homes was reported.
Real Estate: Company Changes Owners
Oct-24-19 | NKF Central America, dedicated to providing advisory services in the real estate market, reported that it absorbed Costa Rican RAM Real Estate and plans to open operations in Panama before the end of the year.
Commercial Property Fair in Panama
Aug-19-16 | A fair is being organized for November 16 and 17 to negotiate and sell offices, shops, warehouses, logistics and industrial parks, and shopping areas.
Price of Land in Nicaragua
Sep-6-16 | Reports of increases from $75 to $500 per square meter have been made in some areas south of Managua and values ​​up to $580 per square meter in the coastal department of Rivas.
Awards: Schools for $40 million
Feb-2-16 | Constructora Meco won the contract to carry out studies, design and construction of several schools in Panama nationwide.
Bureaucracy in the Municipality of Panama
Feb-4-15 | Construction companies say there are projects worth $630 million affected by delays in processing permits in Panama City, one of the areas of greatest investment.
Nicaragua: $13 million in Shopping Center
Oct-15-14 | An announcement has been amde that the first stage of the complex to be built in the north of Managua will measure 7,500 square meters and will be ready between August and September 2015.
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