Central American Parliament could promote laws that are valid regionally
Aug-29-08 | Parlacen will have new powers to push through the process of economic integration on the isthmus.
Footfall Analytics in Retail
Sep-24-21 | Footfall analytics helps to make critical operational and strategic decisions for any type of business, improving conversion rates, maximizing sales, optimizing costs and increasing brand positioning.
Coffee: Nicaragua Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-21-21 | In 2020, Nicaragua was positioned as the largest exporter of Central America with $440.1 million, in addition, the main buyer of coffee was the United States with 35.53% equivalent to $832.7 million, followed by Germany with $330.1 million.
Industrial Complex in Guatemala
Sep-21-21 | In Guatemala there are plans to build an industrial complex called "Zdeep Gualan Zacapa" with different areas to function in customs, providing services in customs operations, which will enable an area of Free Zone of Public Spatial Economic Development.
Walmex Concludes Purchase of Walmart Central America
Feb-17-10 | Walmart México (Walmex) concluded the purchase of Walmart Central America with a $110 million cash payment.
Walmart Seeks Suppliers from among SMEs
Apr-18-12 | The retail giant has selected 12 regional SMEs manufacturing innovative products at reasonable prices, who will have the opportunity to offer their products in stores belonging to the chain.
Successful Closure of Central America Travel Market
Oct-13-09 | The fair's sixth edition came to an end in El Salvador, with the participation of over 140 international tour-operators and 168 Central American tourism companies.
Mexico aims to unify trade accords with Central America
Jul-1-08 | Mexico aims to unify its three existing trade accords with Central America, Eduardo Sojo, the Mexican economy minister, announced.
Suez Energy to invest US$650 million in Panama
Jun-26-08 | Suez Energy aims to invest US$650 million in various power-generation projects that should come on stream by 2010.
New Walmart Stores in Costa Rica
Apr-1-11 | The multinational retail chain is in the process of opening two new outlets in Costa Rica for this year.
Walmart Opens New Store in Guatemala
Sep-23-10 | Located in Zone 17 of the capital, the chain has opened the Paiz Santa Amelia superstore, its 30th in the country.
Latin American leaders urge regional trade
Apr-16-08 | Latin American leaders vowed to boost trade and investment in the region to withstand a sharp economic downturn in the United States. «We have to learn to turn on our own motors,» Mexican President Felipe Calderon told the closing session of the two-day World Economic Forum on Latin America in Cancun.
Scotiabank and BAC close Costa Rican offshore operations
Apr-17-08 | Two Costa Rica banks – the local unit of Canada's Scotiabank and BAC San José – announced the closure of offshore accounts.
The Incorporation of Panama into SICA
Feb-6-13 | The Cabinet Council has approved Panama joining the Economic Integration Subsystem of the Central American Integration System.
Brazil joins SICA as observer
Oct-8-08 | This move seeks to intensify the relationship between Brazil and Central America, especially regarding trade and commerce.
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