Competitor analytics: Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s home improvement
Nov-1-21 | Retailers are already implementing Big Data tools such as location intelligence and foot traffic analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, measure foot traffic at each store, understand the performance of their outlets, and estimate competitor turnover.
POI Data: How does it Benefit Businesses?
Oct-12-21 | Location intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies establish, operate and expand their business.
Big data and Market Share
Oct-6-21 | Big Data together with mobility analytics and location intelligence techniques allow increasingly accurate estimates of the levels of visits received by points of sale, revealing geographic patterns of brand loyalty and market penetration.
McDonald's Vs. Burger King: Foot traffic Analysis
Sep-10-21 | Location Analytics has changed the way marketing and commercial strategies are defined in the fast-food restaurant franchise business.
Convenience Stores: More Competition in Costa Rica
May-24-21 | With the opening of its first store, which will be located in the La California neighborhood of the country's capital, a chain of stores named "Oli!" will begin to compete in the local market in June 2021.
Travel Insurances: YES to Competition
Apr-20-21 | In Costa Rica, the Commission to Promote Competition stated that they do not agree with any type of exclusivity in the emergency medical insurance market for inbound tourism.
E-commerce: More Competition in Costa Rica
Jan-18-21 | Mawi and Tenndo are recently created digital platforms that in the Costa Rican market will be dedicated to commercialize services and products of SMEs and independent professionals through the Internet.
Collaborative Economy: Opportunities and Competition
Nov-20-20 | Although dealing with a demanding and challenging market with several competitors, companies dedicated to the transportation of people and delivery still visualize multiple opportunities in Costa Rica.
Alcoholic Beverages: More Competition in Costa Rica
Nov-16-20 | Under the brand name of Topo Chico, Coca-Cola began to commercialize in the Costa Rican market a carbonated drink with alcohol, which belongs to the category known as "hard seltzer" or "spiked seltzer."
New Reality, New Business Models
Oct-30-20 | As a result of the fast emergence of the new commercial reality, several business models that were profitable until the first quarter of 2020, are now obsolete, forcing business leaders to rethink strategies to survive in this new scenario.
Less Competence, Higher Prices
Jul-17-20 | Due to weak competition in the local market, the prices of goods and services in the basic basket are significantly higher in Costa Rica than in nearby countries.
"New" Market for Cleaning Products
Jun-22-20 | Increasing demand, new competitors of all kinds and the manufacture of uncertified products are some of the changes that this business is bringing to the pandemic scenario in Costa Rica.
Vehicle Sales: What are the New Challenges?
Feb-21-20 | Because the transportation services provided by platforms like Uber cause people to increasingly question whether or not they need to buy a vehicle, vehicle dealers must face new challenges to keep up with sales.
Gourmet coffee: More competition in Costa Rica
Dec-11-19 | The launch in the local market of 10 different products of roasted and ground coffee and in capsules of the Starbucks brand, reflects the increase of competition in the segment of premium coffees, which already represents about 4% of total consumption in the country.
New Plans for Puerto Caldera
Nov-27-19 | Along with the possibility of investing $350 million in the construction of new facilities in the Puerto Caldera, in Costa Rica, comes the promise of more competitive maritime service rates.
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