Coffee: Nicaragua Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-21-21 | In 2020, Nicaragua was positioned as the largest exporter of Central America with $440.1 million, in addition, the main buyer of coffee was the United States with 35.53% equivalent to $832.7 million, followed by Germany with $330.1 million.
Refrigerators: Costa Rica, Main Importer in 2020
Sep-20-21 | During 2020, Costa Rica was positioned as the largest buyer in the region with 87 million, the main selling country for this year was Mexico with 73.6 million equivalent to 30.92%.
Disposable Medical Supplies
Sep-20-21 | The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), requires the purchase of four million two hundred thousand disposables, sterile venoclysis equipment for the infusion of serum, the form of delivery in six dates with 700 thousand units each, starting on January 20, 2022 and the following with two months of interval.
New Banknotes In Circulation in Costa Rica
Aug-24-12 | New versions of the bills for ¢5,000 ($10.64) and ¢10,000 ($ 20.08) and a new denomination of ¢50,000 ($100.41), will enter into circulation on Monday August 27.
Costa Rica – China CAFTA
Oct-8-10 | The International Affairs Committee has approved the FTA with China, it is now being sent to the legislative branch.
Costa Rica Approves FTA with China
Jun-1-11 | A year after the initiation of negotiations, the treaty is ready for implementation.
Costa Rica: Banks expedite procedures for the sale of insurance
Jan-30-09 | In February, the period for banks to get authorization from the Insurance Superintendence to continue selling insurance policies will end.
Correos de Costa Rica Launches Remittances Service
Feb-16-11 | The service will be provided through the post office services of Costa Rica and Peru, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.
Costa Rica's state-owned banks raise rates for credits
May-14-08 | State-owned banks in Costa Rica raised lending rates in colons by 1-1.5 percentage points in the last week of April and by half a percentage point for credits in dollars, according to central bank statistics.
Costa Rica to Invite Tenders for Street Signs
Jul-19-10 | The country's capital, San Jose, is looking to invest $1.2 million in the purchase of 16,000 signs.
Palm Oil: Costa Rica is the Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-16-21 | In 2020, Costa Rica positioned itself as the largest exporter in Central America by selling $148.4 million, and the Netherlands acquired 24.87% of the region's exports.
Liquid Pumps: Panama Main Importer in 2020
Sep-16-21 | During 2020, Panama positioned itself as the largest importer of pumps for liquids in Central America with $46 million, the largest supplier was the United States with 44.05% representing $56.7 million, however, it can be seen that in the Central American region it dropped by 42.96% compared to 2019.
Building Lease in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the lease of a building to house DRIPSSRB officials is being tendered in the form of an abbreviated bidding process.
Apartment Tower in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the construction of a tower with apartments and commercial space on the first level is foreseen; it will have rooftop amenities, green areas, and parking space.
Costa Rica: Debate on Tax Plan Continues
Jun-23-11 | The new proposal by the Government still does not meet the expectations of different sectors.
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