Cardboard Boxes: Guatemala is the Main Supplier
May-16-22 | During the third quarter of 2021, purchases made by Central America increased by almost 50% to $136 million, with Guatemala being the largest supplier with $38 million in sales to the region.
Rice: Purchases from the U.S. Up
May-16-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, rice imports made by Central America showed a decrease of 31%, however, the main supplier of the region was the United States of America with $139 million, which represents 68% of the purchases made from Central America.
New Banknotes In Circulation in Costa Rica
Aug-24-12 | New versions of the bills for ¢5,000 ($10.64) and ¢10,000 ($ 20.08) and a new denomination of ¢50,000 ($100.41), will enter into circulation on Monday August 27.
Costa Rica – China CAFTA
Oct-8-10 | The International Affairs Committee has approved the FTA with China, it is now being sent to the legislative branch.
Costa Rica Approves FTA with China
Jun-1-11 | A year after the initiation of negotiations, the treaty is ready for implementation.
Costa Rica: Banks expedite procedures for the sale of insurance
Jan-30-09 | In February, the period for banks to get authorization from the Insurance Superintendence to continue selling insurance policies will end.
Correos de Costa Rica Launches Remittances Service
Feb-16-11 | The service will be provided through the post office services of Costa Rica and Peru, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.
Costa Rica's state-owned banks raise rates for credits
May-14-08 | State-owned banks in Costa Rica raised lending rates in colons by 1-1.5 percentage points in the last week of April and by half a percentage point for credits in dollars, according to central bank statistics.
Costa Rica to Invite Tenders for Street Signs
Jul-19-10 | The country's capital, San Jose, is looking to invest $1.2 million in the purchase of 16,000 signs.
Costa Rica: Debate on Tax Plan Continues
Jun-23-11 | The new proposal by the Government still does not meet the expectations of different sectors.
Corporations Tax Collection Starts
Mar-30-12 | Starting on Monday all companies enrolled in the National Registry of Costa Rica, must pay an annual tribute established by Law 9024.
Pension Schemes Returns in Costa Rica
Feb-27-12 | Carteras de inversión similares hacen que las diferencias de los rendimientos de los distintos planes de pensión complementaria sean mínimas.
State Banks in Costa Rica
Oct-5-11 | A project to unify their technology platforms has proved unsuccessful, a fact that limits the possibilities of integrating their services.
New Round in Costa Rica - China FTA
Dec-14-09 | Six negotiation rounds have already taken place, and the last one has been scheduled for February 2010.
Costa Rica: Delinquency rate grows for bank credits
Nov-4-08 | Delinquency in credit portfolios for banks in Costa Rica, especially the state banks which control 70% of the market, has dramatically increased in the last few months.
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