Retail: Costs vs. Profitability
Mar-26-21 | Accurately calculating freight costs and delivery times to make online sales profitable for companies are, in this context of the e-commerce rise, some of the most important challenges for the retail sector.
Courier Services: New Investment Project
May-22-19 | In Costa Rica, DHL Global plans to expand its storage center in Alajuela, for which it will invest about $5.5 million over the next seven years.
Webinar on How to Export to the US
Oct-7-16 | A virtual seminar on logistics practices for export to the United States has been organized for October 25th.
The Latest Trends in Logistics
May-9-16 | Intelligent supply chains which are able to learn what they do, and personalized services are part of the 26 trends that DHL predicts for the near future.
New Routes For Maritime Cargo
Aug-6-14 | New DHL trade routes include: from Qingdao, China to Santos, Brazil; from Le Havre, France to Veracruz, Mexico; from Miami, USA. to Colon, Panama; and from Hong Kong, China to Managua, Nicaragua.
Perspectives for E-Commerce
Aug-1-14 | A study by DHL foresees a 10% increase in international e-commerce over the next five years, with China, Mexico and Australia the markets where the greatest growth is expected.
Courier Services in Costa Rica
Jul-10-14 | Increasing competition has forced five major companies sharing the market to diversify their services beyond simple forwarding of packages.
El Salvador: Comalapa Runway Still Under Construction
May-29-14 | The delay in the resurfacing of the runway at the International Airport has prevented logistics companies from using larger aircraft for their operations in the country.
Air Freight from Panama to Venezuela
Sep-19-12 | DHL opens new air cargo route between Panama and Venezuela, offering the possibility of reaching the South American country without going through the United States.
The Costa Rican Couriers
Jul-4-12 | In 2006 the state run company Correos de Costa Rica was dying, but an aggressive policy of diversification of services has made it the main competitor in the courier market today.
New DHL Route Between Panama and the U.S.
Aug-29-11 | The transport company will offer a new air cargo connection between Cincinnati and Panama City.
DHL Enables Duty Free Zone in Honduras
Jul-1-11 | Expanding its investment in Honduras the logistics company has opened the first Duty Free Express Zone.
New Shipping Service between El Salvador and Hong Kong
Apr-15-11 | DHL has announced a new service between the countries for loads of less than one container.
DHL Opens Distribution Center in Panama
Mar-25-11 | The company opened new facilities at the South logistic park.
DHL Renews Panama Airplane Fleet
Mar-26-10 | The company will invest $50 million to replace 4 Boeing 727-700 cargo planes with the more modern 757-200.
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