Central America Agrees Purchase of Medicines
Jul-12-10 | Together with the Dominican Republic, the region has concluded the joint purchase of 15 medicines worth $60 million.
Central America to Negotiate New Purchase of Medicines
Feb-19-10 | The region will jointly negotiate a new purchase of 28 medicines on April.
Central America to Receive Bids for Supplying Medicines
Jan-28-10 | A council of Central American Health Ministers will analyze, on February 5, bids by pharmaceutical companies for supplying medicines in bulk.
Regional Integration for Purchase of Medicines
Apr-11-14 | Joint price negotiations for the purchase of medicines has led to better management of the budget of the Ministries of Health in countries in the region.
Guatemala Wont Buy Medicines With the Region
Jul-10-12 | Guatemala did not participate in the final joint price negotiations and purchase of medicines at the regional level in the month of June.
C.A. Negotiates Joint Purchase of Medicines
Oct-8-09 | Central America and the Dominican Republic are negotiating together the purchase of medicines from international laboratories.
Central America to Negotiate Purchase of HIV Medication
Sep-10-10 | A committee comprising representatives of the region's health authorities plans to include medicines for treating patients with AIDS in its next negotiations.
Guatemala Eliminates Entry Visa for Dominicans
Apr-7-09 | The Guatemalan government announced the elimination of visa requirements for Dominicans entering the country.
Analysis of Possible Expansion of Panama - Dominican FTA
Jun-7-13 | The aims would be to increase the list of imports and exports to 200 products, in order to boost trade between the two countries.
Extension of FTA Between Panama and Dominican Republic
May-22-13 | The modifications to the original trade agreement will boost by up to $40 million growth in exports from the Dominican Republic to Panama.
Nicaragua Rules Out Creating Security Tax
Aug-2-11 | While other Central American countries are preparing taxes to combat insecurity, Nicaragua declares that it is not an appropriate option.
$9 Million in Construction Materials
Oct-12-21 | The Dominican Republic government tenders different construction materials for the Rapid Action brigades that will repair houses.
Regional Medicine Procurements
Feb-13-14 | 15 pharmaceutical companies have been shortlisted to participate in price negotiations and purchase of medicines in the region.
Electric Accumulators: Increase in First Quarter 2021
Oct-6-21 | Guatemala continued to be the main importer in the region during the first quarter of 2021 with $15.7 million, in Central America there was an increase in purchases of 4.26%.
$12 Million in Vehicles
Oct-5-21 | The Dominican Republic, through the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911, tenders the acquisition of 192 different vehicles that will cover emergency services and patient transfer, therefore, they must be stocked with medicines and equipped.
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