Costa Rica: Electricity Consumption Increases 5%
Jun-9-21 | Between the period from March to May 2020 and the same period in 2021, electricity consumption increased by 5%, a rise that can be attributed to the increase in exports and tourism activity.
Panama will Host Olade 2011
Nov-1-10 | The country will host the meeting of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE).
Nicaragua Authorizes Construction of Wind Power Farm
Apr-8-10 | The Energy Ministry green lighted Blue Power & Energy to build a 40 MW wind power farm.
More Extensions for Oil Bids in Guatemala
May-16-11 | The Ministry of Energy and Mines, has postponed until 31 May, the receipt of bids for the operation of four oil fields.
Nicaragua: Albanisa Produces More Than 50% of Energy
Jul-8-10 | The Ministry of Energy and Mining indicated that more than 50% of the country’s energy is supplied by plants owned by Alba de Nicaragua S.A. (Albanisa).
Colombian Company Interested in Electrical Interconnection with Panama
Mar-22-13 | Empresa de Energía de Bogotá, has expressed interest in investing in the interconnection project between Panama and Colombia.
Guatemala: Colombian Company Bids for Power Grid
Oct-29-10 | Empresa Electrica de Bogotá submited a bid for a section of the power grid belonging to Italy's Enel.
Fuels, Market and Forecasts
Mar-18-21 | Following the increase in fuel prices in Guatemala of more than 20% between January and March, local authorities forecast that this behavior will continue during the following weeks.
Gas Plant to Start Operations in July 2022
Feb-26-21 | In El Salvador, the initial plan was that the new Energia del Pacifico power plant would begin operations in early 2022; however, it is currently projected to begin operations until July 1 of next year.
El Salvador: Supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas
Jul-14-15 | A tender has been launched for the supply of liquefied natural gas for twelve years from 2019 to go to Energía del Pacífico's electricity generating plant.
Guatemala: Clean Diesel in April 2015
Dec-11-14 | The government has announced that it will extend the effective date of the regulation establishing the use of low sulfur diesel and has agreed compliance with the productive sector starting from April 2015.
Guatemala - Mexico Pipeline
Nov-4-14 | Although it is not yet clear how it will be financed, representatives from both governments have started to work on the technical and legal details of the project.
Guatemala: $87 million for Power Grid
Aug-20-14 | With a bank loan the company Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica will complete the expansion of the electricity transport system in the country.
Guatemala: Funding for Electricity Distribution Network
Nov-19-13 | The proceeds of the reopening of bonds maturing in 2012 will be used to finance investments in Guatemala.
Energy Efficiency Trust for $70 million
Nov-7-17 | A bill is being prepared in El Salvador to reduce energy consumption in public entities, through replacement of equipment and new infrastructure.
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