Thermoelectric Plant Construction
Dec-8-21 | The construction of a thermoelectric plant in Panama with a capacity to generate 1 MW with 650 Kva capacity engines.
Tender for $15 Million in Transformers
Dec-21-21 | Dominican Republic government requires transformers and dual mobile substation for Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur.
$32 Million in Energy Project
Nov-17-21 | Photovoltaic panels will produce clean energy in Panama.
Substation Construction Works
Nov-29-21 | In Honduras, construction and improvements of different electrical substations are planned.
Costa Rica: New plan boradens private investment in energy
Apr-17-08 | The need to increase production of electricity from renewable resources opens the way for co-operatives and public service companies to build their own energy plants.
$700 Million in Natural Gas Plant
Jul-15-21 | In Nicaragua, the company New Fortress Energy, with US capital, plans to build a plant that will generate 300 MW of clean energy, using less polluting technology.
Hydroelectric: $17.2 Million in Construction
Jul-16-21 | The construction of two hydroelectric plants, Las Rocas 1 and 2, will generate energy of 5 MW each, in the Polochic river basin.
$32 Million in Energy Plant
Jul-8-21 | In Veraguas, the plant is being built to produce clean energy by means of photovoltaic panels with a nominal capacity of 40 MW, on a 45-hectare site.
Panama: "Country's Reputation at Risk"
Sep-25-17 | In the view of the union of private companies the blackout that left the international airport of Tocumen without power for six hours is a wake-up call to make the investments needed to improve the quality of public services.
Tender for Fuel Tickets in Dominican Republic
Sep-6-21 | The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) of the Dominican Republic tenders the procurement of 120,880 fuel tickets from RD$500 to RD$1,000.
Dominican Republic: More Renewable Energy
Aug-8-18 | The union for the sector stated that in the next months 180 MW of wind energy and 58 MW of solar energy will become part of the country's energy matrix.
Central American Electricity Statistics for 2010
Nov-10-11 | A report by the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL) presents national and regional tables with statistical data from the electricity industry in Central America, updated in 2010.
Guatemala: Energy Policy 2013-2027
Feb-27-13 | The 15-year projection is based on the objective of converting Guatemala into the main energy platform in Central America.
Workshop on Renewable Energy in Nicaragua
Aug-29-12 | The activity, on August 30, will analyse the relationship between access to clean energy sources and social progress in low-income areas, inclusive energy businesses and best practices.
Electricity Market Figures up to April 2019
Jun-13-19 | Because of the behavior of the energy supply from thermal sources, between the first quarter of 2018 and the same period of 2019 the generation of electricity in Panama grew 4%.
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