Communication Radios: Nicaragua, Main Importer
Jun-27-22 | By 2021, purchases of communication radios reached $69 million in Central America, with Nicaragua being the main importer in the Central American region for $15 million, the largest supplier was China with 37% of total sales, representing $25 million.
Refrigerators: $592 Million in Purchases
Jun-27-22 | By 2021, the sector of imports of refrigerators and freezers in Central America rose by 149%, Guatemala being the main buyer in the region by $106 million, where the main supplier was Mexico which accounted for 33% in sales to the region, equivalent to $194 million.
Soups: Sector Recovers in 2021
Jun-20-22 | By 2021, purchases in the Central American region increased by 18% to reach $65 million, with Salvadoran companies importing a value of $30 million.
Watermelon: Sales Remain Stable in 2021
Jun-20-22 | For 2021, watermelon exports were unchanged significantly, during that year 140,093 metric tons were registered with a value of $52 million, mainly destined for the United States of America, reaching $23 million in purchases from the Central American region.
Remittances to Honduras increased 7.3% in 2008
Jan-23-09 | Remittances sent to Honduras totaled $2.7 million, according to the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH).
Remittances in Honduras exceed $2 billion
Oct-20-08 | In September, the remittances registered an increase of 9.4% with respect to the same period in 2007, according to a preliminary report of the BCH.
Honduras records first-half inflation of 6.8 percent
Jul-7-08 | The retail price index in Honduras rose by 1.2 percent in June and by 6.8 percent in the first half of the year, the nation's central bank reported.
Remittances to Honduras grow 11.9%
Jul-31-08 | The remittances sent by Honduran immigrants to their families in the country were over $1.360 million for the first six months of this year.
Glass: Purchases in Q3 of 2021 on Rise
Jun-13-22 | During the third quarter of 2021 there was a recovery in purchases of glass and its manufactures by the Central American region, reaching $269 million, with Guatemala being the main importer with $47 million.
Cell Phones: China Becomes the Main Supplier in the Region
Jun-13-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, there is a slight growth in purchases made in Central America, reaching almost $100 million, with Chinese companies cornering the market by 35% by selling $346 million.
Citibank starts operations in Honduras
Aug-18-08 | Citibank Honduras, which belongs to the American Citigroup, started to operate today and is the result of the merger of two other banking institutions with Central American capital.
Honduras: State Near Financial Collapse
Oct-4-13 | In various departments state officials are owed wages, and at the same time there is increasing pressure from others to be granted increases in their salaries.
New Mining Law in Honduras Ready
Jan-2-12 | The committees of the National Congress of Honduras have finished writing a report on the new Mining Law.
Indicators of Corruption
Jun-9-11 | A study on the causes of the rampant corruption prevailing in Honduras, is an analysis that can apply to any Central American country.
Honduras: Law Requires Financial Institutions to Publish Financial Statements
Dec-6-10 | The amendment passed by Congress requires banks and financial institutions to publish in newspapers their financial information.
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