Panama's Response to Colombia's "Graylisting"
Oct-15-14 | The Panamanian government is giving Colombia a period of 7 days to retract and remove the country from the "gray list" so that it can then negotiate on equal terms.
Costa Rica: Debt Forgiveness for Tourism Companies
Nov-12-14 | A bill intends to forgive, subject to conditions, payments owed for sales tax, interest and penalties by businesses in the tourism sector.
Colombia puts Pressure on Panama Over Tax Agreement
May-16-14 | The inclusion of Panama in the Colombian government's gray list could mean surcharges on capital repatriation by investors in the country.
El Salvador: Free Shop Items to Pay VAT Tax
Mar-17-10 | Sales to inbound passengers in free shop stores at the airport must now include the Value Added Tax.
Industry Insists on Rejecting Guatemalan Tax Reform
Jan-6-10 | The Chamber of Industries reiterated its strong rejection to the tax hike promoted by the Government.
Costa Rica: Luxury Residences Tax Comes Into Effect
Oct-1-09 | Today, a new tax for residences worth more than $170.000 (¢100 million) comes into effect in Costa Rica.
Corporations Tax
Jul-2-12 | The deadline for dissolution of corporations so as not to be taxed this year has passed; those who have not done so can start the process now in order to be exempt from future taxes.
Will There be More Inflation in Costa Rica?
Mar-23-12 | Aldesa analyzes the upward revision of the Central Bank’s inflation target for the first half of the year, due to a sharp increase in fuel prices and the upward trend of interest rates.
Banking Information between the Dominican Republic and the U.S.
Jul-23-19 | Since July 17, the agreement between the Dominican Republic and the United States for the exchange of information on reportable bank accounts entered into force.
Guatemala: Tax Calendar April 2016
Apr-5-16 | Memorandum on the Emerging Act for Conservation of Employment and payment schedule of obligations in March 2016.
Guatemala: Tax Calendar January 2016
Jan-5-16 | Memorandum on the new minimum wage and the payment schedule of liabilities for December 2015.
Paying Today For What Someone Else Spent Beforehand
Apr-22-15 | After the optimism over the lukewarm reduction in the continuous increases in the primary deficit of the government of Costa Rica, comes the harsh reality of the growing amounts for interest payments on the debt, which continues to increase.
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