Walmart Vs. Soriana: Consumer Foot traffic Analysis
Aug-27-21 | Mobility data analytics are transforming the way commercial strategies are defined in the retail business, and supermarket chains are no exception.
Data Monetization: What Every Company Should Know
Aug-24-21 | The process of data monetization, a concept that until recently was present only in conversations between technology experts, is now one of the recurring topics in strategic meetings at the management level in companies.
Industrial Location and Big Data
Jul-27-21 | Location choice has become a critical point in the success or failure of any industry, as it has a great impact on the company's overall risk, as well as on transportation, logistics, salaries, rents and raw materials costs, among others.
Geospatial Data to Optimize Supply Chains
Jul-8-21 | Through geospatial data analysis techniques, CentralAmericaData carried out an analysis of five Walmart distribution centers in Florida, United States, with the aim of identifying patterns in the supply chains of these five centers and their relationships with commercial establishments and other logistics complexes in the State.
$250 Million in Investments in Industrial Construction
May-10-21 | During 2020, 32 environmental impact studies were presented in Central American countries to build and expand industrial plants, with Costa Rica accounting for 69% of the estimated investment.
Tax: Setback for Local Authorities
Apr-16-21 | After in Costa Rica the mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality to revert the authentic interpretation approved by the deputies for the payment of real estate taxes applicable to free zones, the Chamber ruled negatively to the legal recourse filed.
Industry: Opportunities in Global Value Chains
Apr-13-21 | In Costa Rica, of the total number of exporters whose majority of shipments are in the metal-mechanics, electrical and electronics or plastics sectors, 25% meet a profile of potential participation in global value chains.
Manufacturing Industry, Costs and Production
Apr-5-21 | In Costa Rica, since July 2020 the producer price index for the manufacturing sector started to report increases, a situation that could lead to a rise in sales prices and simultaneously to a fall in the quantity of products traded.
Medical Devices: Industrial Plant to be Expanded
Feb-18-21 | Bomerics, a company engaged in the manufacture of medical devices, announced that it will invest in the expansion of its operations plant located in Zona Franca Zeta, province of Cartago.
Free Trade Zone Announces Ambitious Investment Plan
Jan-27-21 | America Free Zone, located in Heredia, Costa Rica, plans to execute an investment plan in the next few years totaling close to $120 million and contemplates the implementation of electro-lane stations and the construction of new infrastructure.
New Reality, Sales and Industrial Production
Jan-12-21 | Because in this context of new commercial reality the sales of alcohol, fertilizers, soaps, detergents and chemical and pharmaceutical products have increased, the productive activity of the Central American industrial sector has been dynamized.
Glass: Regional Purchases Fall 20%
Dec-7-20 | From January to June 2020, imports of glass and glass products in Central America amounted to $119 million, 20% less than the same period in 2019.
Medical Devices: New Investment in Costa Rica
Dec-2-20 | Between 2020 and 2023 Nevro plans to invest $21 million in the commissioning of an industrial plant of more than 3 thousand square meters in the Coyol Free Zone, in Alajuela.
Costa Rica: 3M Closes Production Plant
Nov-9-20 | The U.S. company, which still operates a plant in the country for the production of sandpaper and adhesive tapes, has begun the process of relocating its operations, which includes the closure of the factory operating in Heredia.
Changing Habits and the Electricity Market
Nov-3-20 | Due to changes in people's habits, energy consumption in commercial establishments, offices and industrial complexes has decreased, contrasting with the rise in demand in residential areas.
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