Foreign Trade: What Should Central America Focus on?
Mar-10-21 | Unless intra-regional trade in chemical contents and residues, micronutrients and food preparations is regulated in a balanced manner, trade relations in Central America could face obstacles in the future.
Natural Disasters Disrupt Regional Trade
Nov-20-20 | Due to the tropical storms Eta and Iota, severe damage has been reported to the road network in Central American countries, and some border posts in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been suspended.
Virtual Business Roundtable with Chinese Companies
Nov-12-20 | From November 25 to December 4, 2020, the "China-Central America and South Pacific International Trade Digital Exhibition" will be held, a virtual event in which more than 600 Chinese companies will exhibit their products to companies in the region.
Blocks and Costs to the Region
Oct-6-20 | The protests in Costa Rica, which affect vehicle circulation in the country and border crossings, will have a short-term impact on intraregional trade and cargo transport costs.
Peripheral Customs Begin to Operate
Sep-30-20 | As of October 1st, Guatemala and Honduras will begin operating three Peripheral Customs Offices, areas that will simplify procedures and allow free community mobility between both countries.
Fishing Sector: Opportunities for the Region
Sep-16-20 | The growing uncertainty about the safety of seafood products exported from China, one of the world's leading producers, could represent an opportunity for Central American countries to gain some insight into the global market.
Investing to Ensure Competitiveness
Sep-9-20 | In order to ensure the supply of drinking water supply to half of the Panamanian population for the next 50 years, achieve water sustainability in its operations and guarantee its competitiveness, the Panama Canal will invest $2 billion.
Food Labelling: Changes for Exporting to Mexico
Jul-30-20 | As of October this year, the U.S. country will begin one of the phases of implementation of the new front labeling on food and non-alcoholic beverages, under the Labeling Law NOM-051 of the Ministry of Health.
Cargo Transport: Controversy Continues
Jul-14-20 | In response to the restrictions applied to Costa Rican pilots, who are prevented from leaving with cargo from Panama, since July 14 Costa Rica has not allowed trucks with Panamanian plates to leave carrying goods.
Cargo Transport: More Disagreement
Jul-10-20 | Arguing that it is not allowed to leave with cargo from the rest of the countries in the region, Costa Rican transporters are protesting at the border between Costa Rica and Panama, and are asking the authorities to apply reciprocal measures.
Cargo Transport: Nicaragua Relaxes Measures
Jun-5-20 | From three to five days, the time that Costa Rican carriers have available to stay in Nicaraguan territory, to unload goods or for regional transit, was increased.
Maritime Transport: Too Expensive to Be Sustainable
Jun-4-20 | Currently, transporting goods by sea between Central American countries can increase freight costs by at least 60% compared to the land option, which represents an obstacle to changing the way goods are transferred in the region.
Central America Surpasses Commercial Jam
Jun-1-20 | After several days of tension generated by the restrictions imposed by Costa Rica on the transport of cargo from neighboring countries, Central American authorities reached an agreement and opened the way at the border of Penas Blancas.
Regional Trade: Panama Applies Reciprocal Measures
May-27-20 | After Costa Rica imposed several restrictions on the movement of cargo entering its territory, the Panamanian government limited the permit for Costa Rican carriers to remain in the country to 72 hours.
Cargo Transport: Honduras Replies to Costa Rica
May-26-20 | After the Costa Rican government decided to impose several restrictions on heavy transport units entering its territory, the Honduran government decided to grant Costa Rican pilots only 72 hours in the country.
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