Professional Nicaraguans against the Law of Professional Association
Apr-22-08 | Different fields of professionals have entered a Resource of Unconstitutionality against Law 588, the "General law of Professional Associations and Professional Practice." The law was approved by the National Assemblyand passed on Jan. 14.
Tax on Remittances in Panama
Sep-14-17 | A bill that will be discussed in the Assembly proposes that a 5% tax be imposed on remittances sent from Panama to other countries.
Panama: Public-Private Fund for Tourism Promotion
Feb-17-17 | The Tourism Promotion Fund approved by the Assembly will consist of contributions from the government, municipal entities and private companies.
Guatemala: New Microfinance Act
Apr-15-16 | The law regulates the establishment, licensing, merger, functioning, operations, services, suspension and liquidation of Savings and Loans Microfinance and Investment and Credit Microfinance.
El Salvador: Usury Act Regulations Under Consultation
Mar-4-13 | The Banco Central de Reserva is receiving public comments and observations on the Technical Standards to facilitate the implementation of the law against usury, up until 15 March.
Panama: Bankruptcy Bill Moves Forward
May-4-10 | Currently, the country has no laws regulating the bankruptcy of commercial companies.
Guatemala: Proposal for Bankruptcy Law
Mar-25-11 | The Foundation for the Development of Guatemala has proposed to Congress the creation of regulations governing the bankruptcy process.
Panama introduces new penal code
May-23-08 | Panama has introduced a new penal code that sets the maximum sentence for murder at 30 years, Harley Mitchell, president of the Supreme Court, announced.
E-Commerce Law Passed
Nov-4-19 | The Assembly of El Salvador approved the legal framework that provides legal security to commercial relations, for the conclusion of contracts, transactions of goods and services between suppliers and consumers by electronic means.
Guatemala: Criticism of Competition Law
Nov-15-16 | Warnings have been given over the fact that the project does not include international best practices, and that "the chapter on concentrations needs to be revised because it contains elements that would make its prior controls inoperative."
Regulations of Competition Law
Mar-25-13 | Under public consultation in Costa Rica is the draft Regulation to the partial reform of the Law on Promotion of Competition and Effective Consumer Protection.
Approval of Anticorruption Law Urged
Oct-3-12 | Despite political summons to Congress to approve the anti-corruption law in Guatemala, it has not been possible to reach quorum for discussing it.
Panama Withdraws Special Working Relationship
Oct-9-12 | In the ports of Balboa and Cristobal the validity of the special rule from 1979 governing the employment relationship between employers and employees has ceases, as it is now governed by the Panamanian Labor Code.
Panama: NO to Companies Condemned in Other Countries
Jan-25-18 | A new law initiative pretends to forbid the participation of companies that have been convicted in other countries for crimes against the public administration in contracts with the State.
Moratorium on Payment of Property Tax Extended
Aug-23-18 | In Panama, the National Assembly has approved extending until December 2017 the moratorium on the payment of real estate taxes, which also extends to interest, fines and surcharges generated by the non-payment of the single rates for private interest companies and foundations.
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