More Confidence to Invest = Less Migration
Jun-9-21 | Following the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala, the business sector assures that in order to reduce illegal migration from Central America to the US, it is necessary to create a favorable and comfortable environment for local and foreign investment in the countries of the region.
New Northern Winds for Central America
Jan-20-21 | Strengthening trade between the US and the region, fighting corruption in the Northern Triangle and reducing illegal migration flows, are some of the axes on which Joe Biden, the US president who has been sworn in, is expected to focus.
Agriculture: Procedures for Foreign Employees
Sep-23-20 | In Costa Rica, the deadline for employers to regularize the immigration status of workers who come to the country to work in agricultural activities was extended until October 22.
Agriculture: Restrictions on Foreign Labor
Sep-4-20 | The decision was made not to extend the decree that allows employers to regulate the immigration status of workers who come to Costa Rica to work in agricultural activities.
Uncertainty Increases over Relationship with the U.S.
Jul-26-19 | Guatemalan exporters report that President Trump's warning about export tariffs and taxes on remittances and transfers is raising doubts among U.S. buyers.
Concern about the Future of the Relationship with USA
Jul-24-19 | Guatemala's business sector responded with concern to President Trump's warning about imposing export tariffs and levies on remittances and transfers.
NAFTA Review and Immigration Crisis
Jul-16-19 | In the NAFTA review carried out by the Central American and U.S. authorities, it is ruled out that the U.S. government will apply trade sanctions in retaliation for the deepening of the migration problem.
Investments to Reduce Emigration
May-24-19 | The execution of five energy and infrastructure projects in Southern Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America could boost the area's economic growth and slow migration.
Companies Move Away from the Capital
Apr-25-18 | Traffic congestion, the price of land and rents, and logistical facilities are some of the reasons why more and more companies in Costa Rica prefer to be located outside of San José.
Labor Migration Procedures Too Long
Jul-26-16 | International labor mobility as an important factor in business competitiveness is being obstructed in Costa Rica by the inefficiency of the Department of Immigration.
Immigrants: Workers Who are "Different"
Jan-18-16 | The disordered nature of their living conditions has been described as a positive catalyst for creative thinking.
The Debate Over Foreign Workers
Feb-18-15 | "... Some of the professions reserved for national citizens are chemical engineering and petrochemicals, careers which are not offered by any university in Panama. "
Costa Rica: Flexibility for Foreign Labor
Aug-25-14 | Businessmen are demanding that costs be reduced and the procedures required for immigrants to obtain temporary work permits be simplified.
Relocation Services in Costa Rica  
Jul-22-13 | The constant temporary migration of transnational business executives has made a growing market for relocation service for professionals and their families.
Business Travelers and Immigration Rules
Feb-14-13 | The increasing international mobility of "business travelers" does not have adequate regulation in terms of taxes or migration.
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