Energy: Law Reformed in Nicaragua
Sep-9-20 | After the National Assembly modified the Law for the Promotion of Electricity Generation with Renewable Sources and its reforms, clean energy generators will be able to negotiate the lowering of current prices and in exchange they will receive five additional years of tax exemption.
Tourist Marinas: New Law in Nicaragua
Mar-13-20 | The National Assembly approved a bill that aims to streamline the procedures for granting concessions for the development of yacht clubs and berths.
Phytosanitary Controls: Discretion and Abuse
Mar-6-20 | The business sector in Nicaragua believes that the bill under discussion in the Assembly, which empowers the government to fine agricultural producers if they fail to comply with approved phytosanitary standards, has excessive discretion.
Trademarks and the Threat to Legal Security
Feb-28-20 | With regard to the discussion of an initiative which aims to modify the Trademark Law in Nicaragua, the business sector believes that relevant changes are being considered in the area of legal security, as far as the protection of trade names is concerned.
More Control over the Energy Market
Feb-12-20 | Through the creation of four new state-owned companies, President Ortega seeks to control the exploration and exploitation of oil in Nicaragua, as well as the import, storage, distribution and marketing of gas and fuels.
Electricity: Marketing Tax Would be Eliminated
Nov-28-19 | The reform proposal to Nicaragua's Energy Stability Law contemplates the elimination of the tax on the purchase and sale of electricity for users who generate their own energy and decide to market their surpluses.
Coffee: Law Reform Moves Forward, Despite Opposition
Aug-15-19 | Although several sectors disapprove of the initiative, in Nicaragua the Legislative Commission in charge of the reform endorsed the bill that seeks to remove the power of businessmen to propose their representatives to the Coffee Commission.
Changes in the Hydrocarbon Market
May-31-19 | In Nicaragua, a reform to the Hydrocarbon Supply Law was approved, which allows thermal generators to "freely" import fuels derived from hydrocarbons.
Taxes and International Prices Damage Agriculture
Mar-22-19 | The recent fiscal reform, changes in social charges in Nicaragua and low international prices are affecting the competitiveness of the sector.
More Taxes in Times of Crisis
Feb-27-19 | In the midst of Nicaragua's political and economic crisis, the National Assembly approved a tax reform that increases the income tax of large taxpayers from 1% to 3%.
Crisis Affects Investment in Infrastructure
Aug-16-18 | Construction will not be carried out on road works, sanitation and new schools this year in Nicaragua, due to the cut in public spending approved by the National Assembly in this year's budget.
Controversial New Law Against Money Laundering
Jul-17-18 | The law approved in Nicaragua empowers authorities to investigate and even intervene in businesses suspected of being linked to money laundering or terrorist financing.
Tax Exemptions for Renewable Energy
Dec-6-17 | Until 2023 renewable energy projects in Nicaragua may opt for the exemption of import duty on machinery and equipment, VAT, income tax and municipal taxes.
Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Extended Until 2023
Nov-24-17 | In Nicaragua, the Ortega administration is proposing to extend tax benefits for energy generation projects using renewable sources for another five years.
$191 million in Loans for Infrastructure
Jun-22-17 | With the two loans approved by the National Assembly of Nicaragua, schools will be built in the Caribbean area and the Juan Pablo II highway will be expanded in Managua.
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