Veterinary Vaccines: Regional Purchases Remain Stable
Jan-10-22 | For the second quarter of 2021, purchases of vaccines for veterinary use remained at $23 million, the main supplier for this period was the United States with $7 million.
Bananas: $203 Million in Regional Business
Jan-10-22 | During the second quarter of 2021 banana exports in the region were led by Costa Rica with $566 million, despite the 12% decrease in the value exported in the region.
Laptops and Tablets: $434 Millions in Regional Businesses
Dec-20-21 | Regional business for the second quarter of 2021 increased by 101% compared to the same period of 2020, with Costa Rica being the main importer with $203 million.
Electric Cables: $335 Million in Regional Purchases
Dec-20-21 | During the second quarter of 2021, purchases made by the Central American region reached $335 million, with Costa Rican companies being the main importers of electrical cables with $72 million.
Panama Canal: $339 million given in contracts
Jan-27-09 | As of 31 December 2008, the ACP recorded a total of $339.469 million in more than 100 contracts granted for the expansion project.
New Canal Directors Called into Question
Feb-1-13 | Business organizations are criticizing the appointment of two directors, who have no known track record, onto the Board of the Panama Canal Authority.
Panama Canal Regulation More Flexible
Oct-1-09 | PCA extended, for an additional 7 months, its temporary plan for reducing costs and making its reservations system more flexible.
Canal to Net Panama $950 Million
Sep-1-11 | Panama's National Assembly has approved the 2012 Canal Authority’s budget, projecting record revenues and transfers to state coffers.
America's crisis being felt on the Panama Canal
Jun-18-08 | The Panama Canal Authority reports that number of ships carrying merchandise through the Panama Canal has remained static and is unlikely to improve next year, due to the economic slowdown in the United States.
Tender for $80 Million in Road Expansion
Dec-10-21 | In Panama, the expansion of one lane for public transport traffic is being tendered.
$15 Million in Roads to be Built in Panama
Dec-10-21 | Roads to be built with more than 13 thousand kilometers in different cities of Panama.
Panama Canal Makes Over $1 billion in Profits
Dec-6-12 | For the second consecutive year contributions from the Canal to the Panamanian State exceeded one billion dollars, totaling $7.61 billion in the 13 years of local administration.
Tender for Landfill for $170 million
Feb-24-12 | The Panama Canal Authority is bringing forward plans to build an additional landfill, for $170 million, in order to prevent flooding.
Contracts Worth $4 Billion Awarded by Panama Canal
Jul-27-10 | On 30 June the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) awarded over $4 billion worth of contracts.
Panama Canal Expansion Awarded $4 Billion in Contracts
May-25-10 | As of March 2010, the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) had awarded $3,993 million in contracts related to enlarging the Panama Canal.
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