Agriculture: Digital Procedures to Export / Import
Jun-3-21 | In order to streamline the processes of import and export of agricultural, livestock and hydrobiological inputs and products, the virtual platform VISAR online was enabled in Guatemala.
Laws on Formalities and Free Trade Zones Approved
Jun-2-21 | In Guatemala were published in the Diario de Centroamerica the sanctions of the laws for the Simplification of Administrative Requirements and Procedures and Free Zones, regulatory frameworks that aim to encourage investments and job creation.
Construction: Optimism for the Simplification of Formalities
May-28-21 | After Guatemala approved the Law for the Simplification of Procedures and the creation of the Interinstitutional Commission to Contribute to the Economic Reactivation of the Construction Sector, the business sector believes that this news is encouraging.
Commission Created to Revive the Construction Industry
May-24-21 | In Guatemala, the Ministry of Economy temporarily created the Interinstitutional Commission to Contribute to the Economic Reactivation of the Construction Sector, which will be integrated by representatives of nine entities.
Work Contracts Registration Streamlined
Aug-14-19 | From September 9, the registration and presentation of individual work contracts in Guatemala will be done electronically, which is expected to reduce the time it takes to complete management to three days.
Guatemala: Company Registration Up 15%
Jun-5-19 | From January to April of this year, the number of mercantile companies registered totaled 13,975, 15% more than the number reported in the same period in 2018.
Real Estate Registration Procedures Simplified
Jun-4-19 | Since June 3, in Guatemala, the purchase and sale of properties will require a single process to obtain certification of property and cadastral appraisals.
Bureaucracy and its Impact on Foreign Trade
Apr-22-19 | The costs incurred by businessmen in Nicaragua, because of excessive procedures and low efficiency of foreign trade systems is 25% additional to the value of the goods, while in El Salvador and Costa Rica, amounts to 18% and 16%, respectively.
Merchant Companies Creation Facilitated
Nov-20-18 | In Guatemala, a new entity was created called Sociedad de Emprendimiento, whose registration cost will range between $128 and $192 and will be available as of the first quarter of 2019.
Fostering Regional Development
Nov-15-18 | Reducing trade barriers and procedures, increasing legal security and improving productive infrastructure are part of the changes required by the business sector for the region's economic development.
New Version of Digital Export Platform
Sep-12-18 | In Guatemala, since the beginning of September a new version of the Electronic System for Export Authorization has been available which includes changes that make it easier to process requests.
Plan to Streamline Construction Procedures
Jul-23-18 | In Guatemala, the builders' union and the government signed an agreement to work on simplifying and reducing procedures required to obtain a construction license.
More Time to Comply with Environmental Permits
Jul-13-18 | In Guatemala, the government has extended until January 3, 2020, the timeframe for regularizing projects, works, industries or activities that do not have an environmental impact study.
Customs Procedures in Guatemala Streamlined
Jul-12-18 | The tax authority has launched a new electronic platform, which lets exporters to register in only 24 hours.
Environmental Permits: More Agile Procedures Promised
May-14-18 | In Guatemala, it has been announced that by the end of the year a digital platform will be implemented that will have the capacity to inform, in minutes, whether an environmental impact study is feasible or not.
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