SUVs: Interest and Consumers in the region
Feb-26-21 | At the beginning of 2021 in Costa Rica and El Salvador, interest in this type of vehicle reported a clear rebound, in contrast to the situation registered in Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, markets in which Internet searches decreased.
Vehicles: Purchase Plans in the Region
Jul-27-20 | In the region's countries, more than 21 million people are looking to buy a vehicle online, and of this group of consumers, approximately 7% explore options for purchasing an SUV.
Automotive Sector: Strategies in the New Business Reality
May-4-20 | Making alliances with factories, applying distance protocols at points of service and encouraging the use of digital platforms are some of the strategies that have begun to be implemented by new vehicle distributors in the region.
Costa Rica: Tender for $3 Million in Vehicles
Mar-30-20 | The Supreme Court of Justice issued a tender for the supply of 89 vehicles to replace the institution's fleet of vehicles, under the modality of delivery of vehicles as part of payment.
Tender for Vehicles in Costa Rica
Mar-24-20 | The Costa Rican Institute on Drugs tenders the supply of double cab and SUV pick up vehicles.
Tender for Vehicle Rental
Jul-5-19 | The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers tenders the rental service of 30 vehicles of different types.
The Vehicle Market in Central America
Dec-7-17 | As of June 2017, 36% of automobile or sedan-type vehicles that circulated in countries in the region were of the Toyota and Hyundai brands.
The Luxury Cars Circulating in Costa Rica
Oct-10-17 | According to the guild of vehicle importers, the premium car and SUV segment accounts for about 15% of total sales.
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