Tax Fraud: New Cases in Guatemala
Mar-24-21 | Chang y Compania and Mag Alcoholes, are two companies that during March were audited by local authorities, after the detection of the possible crime of tax and customs fraud.
New Module for Container Inspection
Mar-23-21 | In Guatemala, since March 19, APM Terminals Quetzal enabled the x-ray module for the inspection of containers that are used for exports and imports at the maritime terminal.
Vehicle Insurance: Low Penetration Persists
Jan-21-21 | The increasing importation of used vehicles, the increase in the number of motorcycles and the perception that the risk to which drivers are exposed is low, are some of the reasons that explain why the penetration of vehicle insurance in the Guatemalan market is still only 10%.
Taxes: E-Commerce will be Taxed in Guatemala
Jan-19-21 | In order to force companies to comply with the payment of taxes on sales made through electronic channels, as of June 2021 SAT will begin to use a digital platform that will analyze the information that appears on social networks.
Taxes: Supermarket Chain Investigation
Dec-7-20 | After inconsistencies were detected between purchases reported by taxpayers and sales that the company declared to the tax authority, an investigation was initiated in Guatemala into the "La Barata" supermarket chain.
Natural Disasters Disrupt Regional Trade
Nov-20-20 | Due to the tropical storms Eta and Iota, severe damage has been reported to the road network in Central American countries, and some border posts in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been suspended.
Peripheral Customs Begin to Operate
Sep-30-20 | As of October 1st, Guatemala and Honduras will begin operating three Peripheral Customs Offices, areas that will simplify procedures and allow free community mobility between both countries.
More Taxes: An Idea That Appeals to Governments
Sep-23-20 | In this scenario of economic crisis, falling tax revenues and the need to finance recovery programs, in Guatemala and Costa Rica it is already proposed to increase current taxes and create new ones.
Electronic Tagging: First company authorized
May-28-20 | In Guatemala, the Superintendence of Tax Administration authorized Corporación Disatel S.A. to provide the service of electronic tags for the control of containers in the country.
New Customs Post Guatemala - Mexico
Feb-17-20 | Authorities from both countries are fine-tuning the final details to begin construction and habilitation of the Engineers Borderland Port in Quiche, Guatemala, which will connect with Nuevo Orizaba, Chiapas, in Mexico.
Removal of Bank Secrecy Applies
Nov-27-19 | Since November 26, the Guatemalan authorities have the power to access taxpayers' bank information for tax purposes, so they can now corroborate that the bank income of companies coincide with the payment of their taxes.
Bank Secrecy: What Concerns Businessmen?
Sep-16-19 | As a result of the elimination of banking secrecy in Guatemala, the business sector announces that it will be alert to "respect due process and the confidentiality of taxpayers.
Bank Secrecy: Can the Court's Decision Be Reversed?
Aug-8-19 | Experts and authorities believe that the ruling by the Guatemalan Constitutional Court revoking the suspension preventing access to taxpayers' bank information for fiscal purposes could be reversed with another legal action.
Court Decision Eliminates Bank Secrecy
Aug-7-19 | One year after the suspension of taxpayers' access to bank information for tax purposes, the Guatemalan Constitutional Court ruled definitively and revoked the suspension.
Vehicle Fleet: Motorcycles Gaining Market
Aug-6-19 | In recent years, the number of motorcycles in Guatemala has increased by 13%, from 1.33 million units registered in July 2017 to 1.5 million reported in the same month in 2019.
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