Business Opportunity in El Salvador's Health Sector
Jan-10-22 | The purpose of the tender is the procurement of ocular prosthesis for the Salvadoran Social Security Institute for 12 months.
Tender for Professional Auditing Services
Jan-4-22 | The government of Dominican Republic needs professional services in auditing for 2019 and 2020 at the national level in the offices of the Agricultural Bank.
Tender for the Pre-qualification of Construction Works in Honduras
Jan-11-22 | The development of Islas de la Bahia department in Honduras requires the construction of infrastructure in different categories.
Costa Rica: Supply of Medicines
Dec-10-21 | Tender is required to provide the supply of medicines according to the needs of the National Insurance Institute.
Tender for Security Services
Jan-4-22 | The Guatemalan government seeks to provide security at different offices of the Ministry of Education, to be provided from June to December 2022.
Tender for Mainframe Migration Processes
Dec-7-21 | A study is required to determine the best option to migrate the mainframe, and also to prepare the technical specifications for the corresponding tender.
Business Opportunity in Telecommunications
Dec-7-21 | Internet interconnection service and digital links for different computer units of the Government of Guatemala.
Tender for $15 Million in Transformers
Dec-21-21 | Dominican Republic government requires transformers and dual mobile substation for Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur.
International Business Opportunity: IT Services
Dec-21-21 | International tender to provide cloud infrastructure construction services to store survey data, at Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica de Honduras.
Tender for $80 Million in Road Expansion
Dec-10-21 | In Panama, the expansion of one lane for public transport traffic is being tendered.
Tender for Fuel Tickets in Dominican Republic
Sep-6-21 | The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) of the Dominican Republic tenders the procurement of 120,880 fuel tickets from RD$500 to RD$1,000.
Business Opportunity to Build Dam
Nov-23-21 | In Honduras, the construction of a dam in the Rio del Hombre watershed, including a pipeline and drinking water treatment plant, is being tendered.
Tender for Cleaning and Maintenance Works
Nov-29-21 | The government of Guatemala through the National Electrification Institute -INDE- requires cleaning and maintenance of substations in the western system.
Tender financial System Design
Nov-16-21 | In Panama, an educational institution requires the design of the platform for a financial system and control of credits, scholarships and programs.
Tender courier Service
Nov-15-21 | In Honduras, the Property Institute requires nationwide courier service.
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