Tender for Hotel Service Evaluation
Jul-26-21 | Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic for the Mystery Shopper service to evaluate the service provided by hotels and restaurants, for an amount of 120 evaluations in a period of one year.
What is Geo-Construction?
Jul-29-21 | Geospatial construction, or "geo-construction", uses data from a wide range of focal points, such as location, population and environment, to influence the design and construction of any infrastructure in order to save, time, money and reduce waste.
Industrial Location and Big Data
Jul-27-21 | Location choice has become a critical point in the success or failure of any industry, as it has a great impact on the company's overall risk, as well as on transportation, logistics, salaries, rents and raw materials costs, among others.
Big Data and the Last Mile Business
Jul-26-21 | The last mile is the journey of a product from the warehouse shelf to the back of a truck and the customer's door, thus being the final step in the operational process, when the package finally arrives at the consumer's door. In addition to being one of the keys to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery is the most problematic part of the shipping process.
Courier: Document Transfer
Jul-19-21 | The Banco de Formato Agropecuario requires the courier service and transfer of documents between the different offices of the institution, in total there are 30 BFA Service Centers and 06 Cajas Rurales or Cajas Express.
Hydroelectric: $17.2 Million in Construction
Jul-16-21 | The construction of two hydroelectric plants, Las Rocas 1 and 2, will generate energy of 5 MW each, in the Polochic river basin.
Tender for Vehicles
Jul-14-21 | The Salvadoran Social Security Institute requires the acquisition of 73 vehicles, including minibus, panel, pick ups, vans and ambulances.
Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies
Jul-1-21 | By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer.
Plans for New Airport Announced
Jun-28-21 | In El Salvador, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission announced that in 2022 it will determine the management model for the Pacific Airport and in 2023 it will begin construction.
Panama Ports Company Contract Extended
Jun-24-21 | The Panama Maritime Authority extended for a 25-year term and in favor of the Panama Ports Company, the contract for the development, construction, operation, administration and management of container terminals.
Light Trucks: $141 Million in Regional Purchases
Jun-24-21 | During 2020, Central American countries imported light trucks for $141 million, and 60% was purchased by companies in Guatemala and El Salvador.
Cargo Airport Project is Unfeasible
Jun-18-21 | In Guatemala, according to the air transport union, the project of the new cargo airport to be developed in the Port of San Jose, Escuintla, is unfeasible in operational and commercial terms.
Food Delivery: DiDi will Compete in Costa Rica
May-25-21 | The Chinese platform announced that it will start providing food delivery services from restaurants, an option that will initially be offered to customers located in the Greater Metropolitan Area.
Freight Transport: Freight Cost Up 10%
Jun-2-21 | Salvadoran carriers estimate that between January and May 2021, the cost of freight between El Salvador and Guatemala has increased from $500 to $548, a rise that is largely explained by the increase in the price of diesel.
Logistics Costs Rising: Companies Aim at Brazil
Jun-17-21 | As a result of the global trade imbalance that has become evident in the last year and the considerable increase in logistics costs, Guatemalan importers are beginning to look to Brazil as an option to replace purchases from Chinese companies.
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