Light Trucks: First Quarter 2021
Oct-12-21 | During the first quarter of 2021, the largest importer in Central America was Guatemala with $14 million, the main supplier was Japan with 47.6% of the market.
$12 Million in Vehicles
Oct-5-21 | The Dominican Republic, through the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911, tenders the acquisition of 192 different vehicles that will cover emergency services and patient transfer, therefore, they must be stocked with medicines and equipped.
Tender for Machinery and Vehicles
Aug-16-21 | The Municipality of Jocotan in Guatemala is tendering the purchase of machinery (backhoe loader, vibro compactor) and vehicles (garbage compactor truck, dump truck) for the convoy of the government entity.
China: Dominant Market for Truck Tire Imports in Central America
Jul-14-21 | China is the source market for imports that has remained the most stable since 2012, since in that year it represented 42% of regional purchases and in 2020 it represents 72%.
Tender for $5 Million in Water Tanker Truck Rentals
Jun-28-21 | The Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados tenders potable water delivery services on demand via tanker truck rental, which will be distributed nationwide.
Light Trucks: $141 Million in Regional Purchases
Jun-24-21 | During 2020, Central American countries imported light trucks for $141 million, and 60% was purchased by companies in Guatemala and El Salvador.
Vehicles: Sales in Panama Up 20%
Jun-17-21 | Between the first four-month period of 2020 and the same period of 2021, vehicle sales in the local market increased by 20%, a rise that is largely explained by the behavior of marketed units of cars and SUVs.
Tender for Vehicles in Costa Rica
Jun-8-21 | Costa Rican Social Security Fund tenders the supply of pick up, microbus, ambulance and truck type vehicles.
Vehicles: Sales Rebounded in March 2021
May-4-21 | After several months of reporting year-on-year declines in the number of vehicles sold in Panama, during the third month of the year an increase of 93% was recorded.
Tender for Heavy Vehicle Rental Service
Apr-29-21 | In the Dominican Republic, the rental service for power shovels, dump trucks and long bed trucks is being tendered.
Heavy Transport: Restrictions in Guatemala
Mar-16-21 | Due to Easter Week 2021, from March 31 at 12:00 noon until April 4, the circulation of heavy cargo transportation will be restricted throughout the national territory.
Thai Truck Tires Gain Presence in Central America
Feb-10-21 | In Central America, tires for buses and trucks from Thailand have gained importance in terms of the amount purchased, since in the first half of 2014 they represented 0.4% of total imports and for the same period of 2020 the proportion rose to 5%.
Light Trucks: $67 Million in Regional Purchases
Feb-1-21 | From January to June 2020, Central American countries imported light duty trucks for $67 million, and 64% was purchased by companies in Guatemala and Costa Rica.
Cars in Panama: Sales Keep Improving
Nov-5-20 | After reporting the sale of only 96 vehicles in May, due to the quarantine decreed by the covid-19 outbreak, in July the figure rose to 1,112, in August to 1,398 and in September to 2,403 units.
Tender for $3 Million in Vehicles
Oct-16-20 | In the Dominican Republic, the Municipality of Santo Domingo North has put out to tender the supply of trucks, double-cabin vans and jeeps.
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