Geolocation: How Does It Help Retail?
Sep-17-21 | Business intelligence and technological tools allow retail businesses to thoroughly analyze the behavior of their customers inside and outside their stores.
US Trade Mission touring region
Oct-28-08 | A trade mission from the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) began a regional tour yesterday in Panama and will also visit Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Is Data the New Oil?
Sep-13-21 | In the digital era, data is being created at a speed never seen before, and its proper application in business intelligence is already generating incalculable value for businesses
US Navy to reactivate Latin American command
May-9-08 | The US Navy is going to reactivate its Latin American command, the Fourth Fleet, for the first time since 1950.
Honduras Resumes Meat Exports to USA
Sep-1-10 | The livestock authority has confirmed that two factories are to renew exports, having met relevant sanitary requirements.
Panamanian Chili Will Enter the U.S.
Oct-26-09 | The U.S. Agriculture Department promised to issue permits for Panamanian chili in early 2010.
U.S. Demands Carbofuran-Free Products
Sep-16-09 | The northern country won't allow the entrance of vegetable products with carbofuran waste, an insecticide - nematacide.
US Supreme Court rules in favor of Costa Rican firm
Jul-1-08 | A US Supreme court decision has set an important precedent in disputes between Costa Rican firms and the foreign companies they represent.
More Competition for Mangos in U.S.
May-13-14 | The Philippines have now received phytosanitary permits to export fresh mangoes to the United States from other regions in the country.
How is Fresh Produce Inspected in the U.S.
Aug-14-12 | On 16 August the United States Department of Agriculture will conduct a free webinar entitled "Basics of Fresh Produce Inspection."
Sugar Shortages in the USA
Apr-14-11 | Frosts in Florida in 2010 affected harvests and have led to a shortage that the US department of agriculture (USDA) states it will meet by increasing imports.
Greater Controls for Ornamental Plants Entering the U.S.
Jun-2-11 | The U.S. is strengthening its controls on the entry of ornamental plants especially from the Dracaena genus.
Flight from Panama - San Francisco Being Discussed
Aug-9-12 | United Airlines is interested in adding direct flights between Tocumen International Airport and San Francisco.
Nicaragua Triples Exports to Venezuela
Jan-22-10 | From 2007 to 2009, Nicaraguan exports to Venezuela have skyrocketed, going from $6.3 million to $112.9 million.
How to Export Fruits and Vegetables to the U.S.
Jul-4-12 | The USDA has created a website that provides detailed information on the approval process for exporting fruits and vegetables to the U.S. market.
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