Construction of refinery in Nicaragua fades
Dec-2-08 | After the Venezuelan president placed the cornerstone and there were some movements of dirt, the project seems to have been abandoned.
Oil, Politics, and Realism
Jul-5-17 | Alba Petróleos de El Salvador, daughter company of PDVSA, is no longer importing from Venezuela the fuel it sells in the country, doing so instead from the United States.
Nicaragua: Law to Build Refinery
Sep-20-12 | The National Assembly has approved a $ 6.5 billion project that includes a refinery and an interoceanic pipeline.
Quorum opens computer wholesale branch in Costa Rica
May-16-08 | Venezuela-based Quorum, Latin America's leading computer wholesaler, has launched operations in Costa Rica.
Nicaraguan Jeans To Venezuela
Jun-11-10 | The Venezuelan Government is negotiating the purchase of 10 million jeans produced in Nicaraguan Free Zones.
Venezuela Takes $100 million to Panama to Buy Food
Jul-21-16 | The Venezuelan government has announced that it will be negotiating with Panamanian companies interested in selling food and commodities that can come into the country duty free.
Panama and Venezuela Normalize Relations
Jul-14-14 | Both governments agreed to reopen the corresponding diplomatic missions and resume trade relations starting July 1st.  
Venezuela Next to Default
Feb-11-15 | Standard & Poor's has warned of the risk of default in the next two years and reduced the rating for the sovereign debt of Venezuela, the principal debtor of the Colon Free Zone.
Venezuela Copa Reduces Frequencies
Jul-21-14 | The airline will be reducing the number of daily flights between Caracas and Panama from three to two and eliminating the daily frequency from Caracas to Medellin, among other changes.
American Airlines Reduces Flights to Venezuela by 80%
Jun-18-14 | Starting July 2nd the number of frequencies to the South American country will be reduced from 48 to 10 per week and flights from New York, Dallas and San Juan, Puerto Rico will be canceled, keeping only the Miami - Caracas route.
Nicaraguan Businesses Insist on FTA with Venezuela
Jul-7-10 | The Nicaraguan Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) highlights the importance of reaching a commercial agreement to give “certainty” to markets.
Venezuela Behind on Billions in Payments to Exporters
Aug-16-13 | The delay in the allocation of foreign currency for international payments to suppliers has caused Venezuelan industrial companies to owe some $5 billion to international suppliers.
Honduras Should Seek Alternatives to Petrocaribe
Dec-10-13 | Since its return to Petrocaribe in May this year Honduras has not received a single shipment of oil from the South American country.
El Salvador: Alba Petróleos and Politics
Feb-21-13 | The firm Alba Petróleos is owned in 40% by municipalities governed by President Funes' Party, and in 60% by PDV Caribe, a subsidiary of PDVSA of Venezuela.
El Salvador and Venezuela Renegotiate Trade Agreement
Jul-7-14 | The partial agreement signed in 1986 will be renegotiated in order to increase the number of goods exchanged under the terms of the treaty.
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