Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies
Jul-1-21 | By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer.
Light Trucks: $141 Million in Regional Purchases
Jun-24-21 | During 2020, Central American countries imported light trucks for $141 million, and 60% was purchased by companies in Guatemala and El Salvador.
Cargo Airport Project is Unfeasible
Jun-18-21 | In Guatemala, according to the air transport union, the project of the new cargo airport to be developed in the Port of San Jose, Escuintla, is unfeasible in operational and commercial terms.
Freight Transport: Freight Cost Up 10%
Jun-2-21 | Salvadoran carriers estimate that between January and May 2021, the cost of freight between El Salvador and Guatemala has increased from $500 to $548, a rise that is largely explained by the increase in the price of diesel.
Heavy Transport: Restrictions in Guatemala
Mar-16-21 | Due to Easter Week 2021, from March 31 at 12:00 noon until April 4, the circulation of heavy cargo transportation will be restricted throughout the national territory.
Freight Transport: Rate Increase Announced
Mar-16-21 | Because the price of fuels in Nicaragua has increased consecutively during the last 18 weeks, companies dedicated to provide cargo services announce that rates could increase between 5% and 10%.
Light Trucks: $67 Million in Regional Purchases
Feb-1-21 | From January to June 2020, Central American countries imported light duty trucks for $67 million, and 64% was purchased by companies in Guatemala and Costa Rica.
Logistics: Cost Increases Forecast for 2021
Dec-21-20 | Mandatory use of low-sulfur fuel by ships, shortage of containers and priority for medical supplies and vaccines will push up sea and air freight costs.
Transportation: Mandatory Insurance until 2021
Oct-20-20 | Following the reform of government agreement 17-2020, the entry into force of the regulation requiring passenger and cargo transport units to take out civil liability insurance was delayed for one year in Guatemala.
Threats to Cargo Transport Continue
Oct-9-20 | Arguing that there is unfair treatment in the other countries of the region, Costa Rican drivers of cargo vehicles block the transit through the border posts of Penas Blancas and Paso Canoas.
Blocks and Costs to the Region
Oct-6-20 | The protests in Costa Rica, which affect vehicle circulation in the country and border crossings, will have a short-term impact on intraregional trade and cargo transport costs.
Foreign Trade: Costa Rica Lifts Restrictions
Sep-22-20 | As of September 24, the country's importing and exporting companies may accept land freight carriers at their facilities without prior authorization.
Commercial Vehicles Boost Recovery
Sep-7-20 | After vehicle sales practically disappeared due to the decreed quarantine, the distributors in El Salvador begin to notice an incipient reactivation of the market, which is explained by the demand for units for commercial use.
Cargo transport: Convoy Figure Replaced
Aug-31-20 | Following the protests reported on August 29, Costa Rican authorities decided that as of September 9, units with foreign plates transiting from border to border in the country will be monitored by GPS and will no longer be given convoy escort.
Freight: Costarican Vehicle Restrictions
Aug-12-20 | The Tax Administration of Guatemala has reported that it will be strengthening controls to detect cases that are not complying with the restrictions imposed on exports by land transport with Costa Rican registration or driver.
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