How Much Does the Region Lose in Crime?
Jan-16-20 | Because of factors such as business closures and lack of opportunities, it is estimated that criminal activity costs Honduras and El Salvador 16% of GDP, and in the case of Guatemala, its losses could amount to 7% of its production.
Request to Recover Territory Control
Sep-6-19 | After three soldiers were killed in Izabal, Guatemalan business sector asks the government to regain control of the territories where criminal groups dominate.
Over-Regulation Against Workplace Harassment
Aug-12-19 | Businessmen from Central America and the Dominican Republic ask that ILO Convention 190 not be ratified, arguing that countries already have regulations to deal with violence and harassment in the workplace.
Honduras: Private Sector Reports Losses
Jun-21-19 | After more than 40 days of protests and looting, Honduran businessmen report that about 50 companies have been affected, and several stores have already been closed.
Protests and Vandalism in Honduras
Jun-3-19 | The business sector is concerned about the way in which the demonstrations have developed in recent days, generating "an unsustainable cost to the Honduran economy.”
Extinction of Domain and Fundamental Rights
May-22-19 | The bill being discussed in Costa Rica basically seeks to extinguish the assets of organized crime, but there are those who claim that as proposed, it puts at risk the presumption of innocence of individuals.
Homicide Figures in Central America
Jan-25-18 | A report by InSight Crime highlights the homicide rate registered in Costa Rica in 2017, which was 12.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest number in its history.
Money Laundering in Central America
Mar-3-17 | The housing market, casinos, concert halls, and the livestock sector are all used to launder money in Central American countries.
New Travel Alert Over Insecurity in El Salvador
Feb-14-17 | The United States has renewed its travel alert warning that crimes such as extortion, assault and robbery are common in the country.
New Travel Alert Due to Insecurity in Honduras
Jan-25-17 | The United States has renewed its travel alert, warning that the levels of violence and crime in the the department of Gracias a Dios are very high.
How Can Exports from El Salvador Be Revived?
Sep-1-16 | Insecurity and excessive red tape remain the main obstacles to the growth of exports, which have lost momentum in the last four years.
El Salvador: Housing Market Declines Due to Insecurity
Jul-12-16 | Projects are becoming more expensive due to the fact that they increasingly include more security measures and in areas such as La Libertad, Soyapango, Ilopango and Apopa, some lots and homes are even losing value.
El Salvador: High Cost of Criminal Extortion
Jun-23-16 | The most vulnerable to extortion are small and medium enterprises, which employ half of the economically active population.
Guatemala: Investment in Agriculture Suffering Due to Insecurity
Jun-21-16 | The agricultural sector has denounced that some agricultural companies have closed their operations because of the crime wave affecting the country's rural areas.
Honduras: A Barrier to Economic Growth
May-20-16 | A World Bank analysis indicates how the vicious circle of crime, violence and low growth is limiting competitiveness, discouraging entrepreneurship and investment.
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