How to increase visibility in multi-tier supply chains?
Apr-1-22 | Understanding how a product gets into the hands of customers requires a broad and comprehensive view across the list of all the companies involved in the distribution process, from the factories to the last distributor to the final customer.
How to create the best branch expansion strategy?
Mar-15-22 | To ensure the success of branch expansion strategies for site selection plans, it’s necessary to compare the business model with the the potential market needs and build the corresponding strategy, location and foot traffic analytics are the best tool to do so.
Top 10 Uses Cases of foot traffic in public transport
Mar-15-22 | Foot Traffic analytics can identify the characteristics of transit stops and routes, helping to determine and improve the overall coverage of any transit system.
Location Intelligence to build smart cities
Mar-1-22 | Leveraging current and historical data on location movements allows urban planners to understand current challenges and build smart, flexible and efficient cities.
Predictive modeling for site selection strategies
Feb-15-22 | Retailers need to use predictive modeling and combine it with business, customer, and market data in order to forecast sales or new businesses profitability.
Location intelligence solutions for governments
Feb-15-22 | Government and municipal entities can leverage location intelligence to optimize strategic planning, improve the quality of public services and optimize their budgets.
Location intelligence for urban planning
Feb-15-22 | By incorporating location intelligence into urban planning, it becomes possible to develop infrastructure adapted to the needs of citizens, enhancing living conditions in any given city. In addition, spatial data helps to optimize costs and prioritize government administration projects.
Top 8 Big Data benefits for governments
Feb-15-22 | Analytics through big data management techniques allows governments to understand the needs of their citizens, combat fraud, minimize system errors and improve operations, reducing costs and improving the services of any government entity.
Which shopping center should I choose to open my store?
Feb-2-22 | The key to attracting potential customers to any new location is to determine its foot traffic potential, the use of geospatial data combined with footfall analytics makes the retail site selection process easier, faster, and more reliable.
What is geofencing marketing and how to use it?
Feb-2-22 | In order to optimize advertising costs and maximize revenue, marketing leaders are using spatial data to create geofences in specific areas, allowing them to reach audiences that are more likely to become potential customers.
How do I get my business back on track after the pandemic?
Feb-2-22 | Location analytics is taking its place as a key tool for identifying what consumers want and need, regardless of their wealth or demographic status. COVID-19 has led to completely unexpected behavioral changes.
Micro-mobility to determine where to locate retail stores
Feb-2-22 | Micro-mobility analytics improve retailers’ expansion strategies by accurately identifying consumer demographics, understanding customer behavior, and understanding how their competitors are performing.
Location intelligence to optimize commercial strategies
Jan-24-22 | Location analytics rely on anonymized geospatial data from mobile devices, which can be used to gather information on foot traffic trends and typical profiles of consumers visiting a specific area or zone.
Location analytics to improve shopping centers performance
Jan-24-22 | Location intelligence is a key tool that shopping center managers should use since, via people’s location and mobility data, they gain valuable insights such as how much time consumers spend in stores and how often they visit.
Foot traffic analytics: Mercadona Vs. LIDL
Dec-29-21 | Supermarkets can apply location intelligence techniques and footfall analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, generate efficient site selection strategies, understand the performance of their stores, and estimate competitor turnover.
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