Nicaragua: Harassment of Businessmen Continues
Jun-17-21 | Arguing that there are indications that businessmen have attempted against the Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people, local authorities ordered to lift the bank and tax secrecy of former Funides executives.
Uncertainty Due to Wave of Arrests
Jun-16-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrests of political and business leaders, uncertainty has increased after local authorities arrested Luis Alberto Rivas Anduray, Executive President of Banpro.
Release of Political Prisoners Demanded
Jun-9-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrest of four presidential pre-candidates and the detention of business leader Jose Adan Aguerri, the productive sector demands the release of political prisoners and advocates for the government to commit itself to grant all democratic guarantees.
Electoral Process Is Losing Democratic Viability
Jun-7-21 | After the arrest of presidential pre-candidates Cristiana Chamorro and Arturo Cruz in Nicaragua, the business sector questions the "democratic viability of a free, fair, competitive and transparent electoral process".
Nicaragua: Avicola Estrella is Seized
Jun-3-21 | As a result of the political crisis affecting the country since 2018 together with the pandemic that began in 2020, the chicken producer and operator of the restaurant chain Pollo Estrella, was financially destabilized and was seized by at least four banks.
Mortal Blow to the Electoral System
Jun-2-21 | After an arrest warrant was issued against Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, independent presidential pre-candidate in Nicaragua, the business sector believes that it is "evidence of the government's unwillingness to carry out free, fair, transparent, competitive and supervised elections."
Salvadoran Economy Recovers Formal Jobs
Jun-1-21 | As a result of the economic crisis during June 2020 the number of workers contributing to the Salvadoran Social Security Institute decreased to 810 thousand, in the following months the figures improved and in March 2021 the figure rose to 861 thousand.
Panamanian Economy Falls 6%
May-28-21 | During March 2021, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity registered a -6% year-on-year variation, a decrease that is attributed to the effects of the sanitary emergency caused by Covid-19.
Blow to Democracy Reported
May-3-21 | After the dismissal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General in El Salvador, the business sector affirms that these are "facts that consolidate an attack against democracy and threaten the liberties of Salvadorans".
Economy: How to Overcome the Recession?
Apr-26-21 | Reducing costs and barriers to foreign trade in Central American economies is key for the region to overcome the economic recession caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.
Action Against Commercial Restrictions
Apr-21-21 | Arguing that the measures applied by the government directly harm employees and owners of restaurants and bars, a group of businessmen in Guatemala filed a legal action in the Constitutional Court.
Commercial Restrictions: Losses Increase
Apr-20-21 | As a result of the restrictions imposed by the Guatemalan Government, local businessmen estimate that sales in the commercial sector last weekend fell by up to 50% and the number of customers in restaurants and shopping centers decreased considerably.
Honduran Economy is Still Recovering
Apr-19-21 | After in January 2021 in the context of the crisis caused by the pandemic, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity at the national level reported a 6% decrease in year on year terms, in February a smaller drop was registered, amounting to 3.5%.
Costa Rican Economy Remains in Crisis
Apr-12-21 | During February 2021, economic activity fell 4.7% in year-on-year terms, a drop that evidences that the economic crisis caused by the covid-19 outbreak continues to affect Costa Rica.
Economy and Outlook for 2021
Mar-31-21 | The World Bank predicts that by the end of this year Panama and the Dominican Republic will be the economies of the region that will grow the most, and the countries that will report the lowest increases in their production will be Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
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