Protectionism = Economic Losses
May-5-21 | As a result of the blockade that has been in place since July 2020 on the entry of animal products from Costa Rica into the Panamanian market, Costa Rican exports to Panama are reported to have fallen and companies such as Dos Pinos are reporting losses in the millions.
Informal Market Challenges: Big Data as a Tool
Apr-30-21 | The analysis of data and large volumes of images, combined with the implementation of innovative methodologies, allows companies to size up how many of their products could be marketed in outlets classified as informal.
Commercial Restrictions: Losses Increase
Apr-20-21 | As a result of the restrictions imposed by the Guatemalan Government, local businessmen estimate that sales in the commercial sector last weekend fell by up to 50% and the number of customers in restaurants and shopping centers decreased considerably.
Restaurants and Cost of Restrictions
Jan-27-21 | Following the announcement of the restrictions imposed in Guatemala to mitigate the outbreak of covid-19, which contemplate the closing of restaurants after 9:00 pm, businessmen anticipate that sales will fall and that they will have to reduce the number of personnel hired.
Sugar in Honduras: Loss Forecast
Dec-2-20 | Due to the impact of the tropical storms Iota and Eta, businessmen of the sector estimate that for the 2020-2021 harvest about 13% of the sugar cane production will be lost.
Blockages and Ungovernability: Diverging Positions
Oct-19-20 | After the UCCAEP in Costa Rica began to negotiate the lifting of the blockades with the self-proclaimed group Rescate Nacional, promoter of the protests, several business chambers distanced themselves from that decision and others have expressed their support.
Lack of Leadership and Ungovernability
Oct-16-20 | Faced with increasing chaos in Costa Rica due to demonstrations and blockades, a part of the business sector decided, unilaterally, to negotiate with representatives of the movement that incites to protest, and to reject the official call by the President of the Republic.
Restaurants: Surviving Restrictions Challenge
Aug-5-20 | In Costa Rica, the new commercial reality requires restaurants to operate with a capacity of 50%; however, since they maintain the same level of fixed costs, the losses of this sector could exceed 20%.
Coronavirus and Tourism in Central America
Mar-13-20 | Some of the most notable effects caused by the spread of covid-19 is the cancellation of at least 8,000 hotel nights in Costa Rica, and the interruption by Iberia of its flights from Madrid to Guatemala and San Salvador.
Coronavirus Event Cancellation
Mar-11-20 | In Costa Rica, the authorities reported that following the outbreak of covid-19 in the country, the measure prohibiting any activity of massive concentration of people remains in force and that companies organizing public shows have the obligation to return the money to consumers.
Tourism and the Coronavirus threat
Mar-4-20 | A drop in the flow of tourists to the region, cancellation of reservations and the suspension of flights are part of the expected consequences of the spread of the virus worldwide.
How Much Does the Region Lose in Crime?
Jan-16-20 | Because of factors such as business closures and lack of opportunities, it is estimated that criminal activity costs Honduras and El Salvador 16% of GDP, and in the case of Guatemala, its losses could amount to 7% of its production.
Land Invasion: A Problem with No Real Solution
Sep-13-19 | Because the area of stolen land in Guatemala has grown from about 10,000 hectares in the 1990s to 164,000 in 2018, losses in agricultural production caused by this phenomenon reached nearly $650 million last year.
Losses due to Plastic Bag Prohibition
Sep-9-19 | In Panama is reported a fall of between 25% and 30% in the national production of polyethylene bags in the last month and a half, because of the entry into force of the law that prohibits its use.
Million-Dollar Losses by Protests and Blockades
Jul-1-19 | In the context of the protests and blockades that have been affecting Costa Rica for several days, the businessmen denounce that there are millions of losses, mainly in tourism, exports, and agricultural, industrial and commercial activities.
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