Vehicles: Which Brands Control the Market?
Jun-8-21 | During the first months of 2021, 20% of the automobile-type vehicles circulating on the streets of Central American countries were Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet and Ford brands, while of the total number of light-duty vehicles, Isuzu, Hyundai and Hino accounted for 10%.
Growing Interest in Hybrid Vehicles
May-11-21 | During the first four months of 2021, interest in hybrid vehicles, as evidenced by the number of Internet searches and mentions in conversations in the digital environment, increased in all Central American markets.
Luxury Cars: How is the Market Behaving?
Mar-15-21 | After in 2020 in the Salvadoran market the marketing of vehicles classified as luxury decreased 20%, brands such as BMW expect that 2021 will be better, since its local sales in the first two months of the year started off well by increasing 8% year-on-year.
Vehicles: How Much Did Sales Fall in 2020?
Mar-2-21 | In El Salvador during last year, sales of new vehicles decreased 24%, a drop that can be explained by the closing of borders, the technical stoppage of plants worldwide and home quarantines decreed due to the outbreak of covid-19.
Electric Vehicles: Investment in Charging Stations
Jan-5-21 | In Panama, the company Evergo is investing in the implementation of 200 loading stations, which will be located in different areas nationwide and will be level 2 and level 3.
Vehicles: Trends in Central America
Nov-2-20 | At the regional level, the number of interactions in the digital environment associated with SUVs, trucks, hybrid cars and microcars has increased in this context of new commercial reality.
Electric Cars: New Charging Stations
Oct-27-20 | In the last two months of the year, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute will install 28 new battery recharging stations for this type of vehicle at various points nationwide.
Motorcycles: What Brands Are Consumers Thinking About?
Oct-27-20 | In Central America, more than 8 million people search the Internet and participate in conversations associated with motorcycles. BMW, Suzuki and KTM are some of the brands with the greatest presence in the interactions of consumers with high purchasing power.
Vehicle Sales: What are the New Challenges?
Feb-21-20 | Because the transportation services provided by platforms like Uber cause people to increasingly question whether or not they need to buy a vehicle, vehicle dealers must face new challenges to keep up with sales.
Electric Bicycles: Booming Business in Costa Rica
Jan-27-20 | Because the cost of electric bicycles is considerably lower than other types of electric vehicles, the number of units imported into the country has increased exponentially in recent years.
Electric Cars: Tax Benefits Extended
Jan-17-20 | In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Finance decided to extend the deadline by 24 additional months so that the import of hybrid and electric vehicles can be done at reduced rates and in some cases without paying taxes.
Incentive to Import Electric Cars
Dec-9-19 | As of January 2020, electric vehicles imported into El Salvador and Honduras will be exempt from the import duty, which was 30% in El Salvador until now.
New Boost for Electric Car Sales
Oct-2-19 | Favorable financing conditions for the purchase of this type of vehicle and lower rates for freight services are part of the actions proposed by the government of Costa Rica to boost sales of electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicles: New Incentives in El Salvador
Aug-27-19 | A bill was presented to create fiscal and economic incentives for companies and individuals using electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicles: New Charging Station
Aug-20-19 | In El Salvador, a charging station for electric vehicles will be put into operation in Plaza Malta, located on the road to the Port of La Libertad.
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