Salvadoran Economy Recovers Formal Jobs
Jun-1-21 | As a result of the economic crisis during June 2020 the number of workers contributing to the Salvadoran Social Security Institute decreased to 810 thousand, in the following months the figures improved and in March 2021 the figure rose to 861 thousand.
Guatemala: Formal Employment Decreased 3% in 2020
Mar-1-21 | Between December 2019 and the same month of 2020, the number of employees contributing to Social Security decreased 3%, a fall that is explained by the economic crisis generated by the outbreak of covid-19.
Labor Market: Bill Receives Endorsement
Feb-25-21 | On third debate, Panama approved the legislative bill that aims at gradually reintegrating employees to their companies, which have already restarted their activities and which in 2020 suspended labor contracts due to the crisis caused by the covid-19 outbreak.
Bill to Reactivate Labor Contracts
Feb-10-21 | In Panama, a legislative project was submitted which intends to gradually reintegrate the employees to their companies, which have already restarted their activities and which in 2020 suspended labor contracts due to the crisis caused by the outbreak of covid-19.
Costa Rica: Unemployment Slowly Declines
Jan-7-21 | During the mobile quarter from September to November 2020, the unemployment rate at the national level stood at 21.3%, which is lower than the 21.9% reported from August to October of the same year.
Costa Rica: Unemployment Rate Remains at 22%
Dec-4-20 | In the current scenario of economic crisis, during the mobile quarter from August to October 2020 the unemployment rate at the national level was 21.9%, a proportion similar to the 22% reported from July to September.
Labor Market: Law vs Reality
Sep-24-20 | Modifying the Labor Code to allow companies to implement the exceptional extended workday of 12 hours a day, is a proposal being discussed in Costa Rica due to the need of industries that depend on continuous processes and encounter obstacles in the law.
Agriculture: Procedures for Foreign Employees
Sep-23-20 | In Costa Rica, the deadline for employers to regularize the immigration status of workers who come to the country to work in agricultural activities was extended until October 22.
Agriculture: Restrictions on Foreign Labor
Sep-4-20 | The decision was made not to extend the decree that allows employers to regulate the immigration status of workers who come to Costa Rica to work in agricultural activities.
Labor Contracts Begin to Reactivate
Aug-25-20 | As part of the process of reopening the Panamanian economy, it is estimated that in the last two weeks close to 90,000 work contracts have been reactivated, which represents 30% of the suspended labor agreements.
Labor Market: Revolution and Challenges
Jul-28-20 | Faced with the sudden change that the new normal generated in companies, employees are challenged to increase their skills to work remotely, adapt to more flexible contracts and refine their technological skills and cognitive qualities.
Working Hours Reduced for Survival
Jul-22-20 | In the context of the economic crisis, it is estimated that companies in Central America have reduced the working hours of employees to an average of 32 hours per week.
Bono 14 Payment: Agreement Suspended in Guatemala
Jul-15-20 | The Constitutional Court provisionally suspended the agreement that allowed companies that currently do not have the economic capacity to comply with the payment of the Annual Bonus, to reconcile the amortization of the obligation with the employees.
Green Light to Reduce Working Hours
Jul-14-20 | A decree was published in Panama authorizing the modification or temporary reduction of the working day, which due to the economic crisis generated by covid-19 may be reduced by up to 50%.
Guatemala: Labor Contracts Suspended
Apr-8-20 | Following the state of calamity in the country, the Ministry of Labor created an electronic procedure, through which companies can temporarily suspend the contracts of their workers.
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