$12 Million in Vehicles
Oct-5-21 | The Dominican Republic, through the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911, tenders the acquisition of 192 different vehicles that will cover emergency services and patient transfer, therefore, they must be stocked with medicines and equipped.
Bid for Vehicles and Motorcycles in Dominican Republic
Sep-27-21 | The Instituto Dominicano del Cafe tenders the purchase of vehicles and motorcycles for the institute's technical staff.
Motorcycles: Guatemala is the Major Importer in 2020
Aug-11-21 | In 2020, motorcycle imports in Central America totaled $365 million, a 1.42% increase over 2019, with Guatemala being the largest importer in the region.
Vehicles: Which Brands Control the Market?
Jun-8-21 | During the first months of 2021, 20% of the automobile-type vehicles circulating on the streets of Central American countries were Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet and Ford brands, while of the total number of light-duty vehicles, Isuzu, Hyundai and Hino accounted for 10%.
Tender for $6 Million in Vehicles and Clothing
May-21-21 | In the Dominican Republic, the National Police is bidding for the supply of 133 vehicles of different types and clothing for use by members of the institution.
Tender for Land and Aquatic Vehicles in Panama
Apr-22-21 | The General Directorate of Public Procurement tenders the supply of motorcycles, utility vehicles and nautical vehicles and equipment, for a two-year term.
Motorcycles in Central America: $237 Million in Business
Apr-14-21 | From January to September 2020, motorcycle imports in the region totaled $237 million, 11% less than in the same period of 2019, a drop explained by the behavior of purchases from El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica.
Tender for Vehicles in El Salvador
Mar-17-21 | The Supreme Court of Justice tenders the supply of sedan type vehicles, pick up, motorcycles and units to be used as ambulances.
Tender for $3 Million Vehicles in the Dominican Republic
Mar-8-21 | The Instituto Nacional de Aguas Potables y Alcantarillados tenders the supply of pickup trucks, motorcycles and minibuses.
Vehicle Fleet Increased in 2020: How to Explain?
Jan-18-21 | Restrictions on mobilization due to the number of plates, the fear of using public transportation and the increase in demand for delivery services explain the 8% growth that Guatemala's vehicle fleet experienced between 2019 and 2020.
Central America: Interest in Motorcycles Declining
Jan-12-21 | During the last months of 2020 in the region's markets, the number of Internet searches and conversations associated with motorcycles decreased, a decrease that can be explained by the behavior of most countries.
Scooters: Interests and Trends in the Region
Dec-17-20 | In this context of pandemic and mobility restrictions, the number of Internet searches associated with scooters and mopeds increased significantly in most Central American markets.
Motorcycles: Imports Fall 11%
Dec-8-20 | From January to June 2020, motorcycle imports in Central America totaled $164 million, 11% less than in the same period in 2019, a decrease that is explained by the behavior of purchases from El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica.
Costa Rica: Harley-Davidson Closes Operations
Dec-7-20 | Because the company will focus on other markets, starting December 17, it will close the store that was engaged in the marketing of motorcycles and accessories of the American brand Harley-Davidson.
Motorcycles: What Brands Are Consumers Thinking About?
Oct-27-20 | In Central America, more than 8 million people search the Internet and participate in conversations associated with motorcycles. BMW, Suzuki and KTM are some of the brands with the greatest presence in the interactions of consumers with high purchasing power.
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