Autoparts: Guatemala, Main Buyer in the Region
Apr-26-22 | For the third quarter of 2021 a slow recovery of the automotive sector is seen, reaching purchases in the Central American region for $451 million, with China being the main supplier, with 27% of the market.
Electrical transformers: Business in the Region Rising
Mar-14-22 | During the third quarter of 2021 there was a 20% increase equivalent to $1.59 billion, the main supplier of electrical transformers for Central America was China with $521 million, cornering the region with 33%.
What Kind of Companies Leverage E-commerce?
May-20-21 | Companies that offer their customers mobile and digital payment options, and also have cybersecurity mechanisms for fraud prevention, are the ones that will be able to take advantage of their position in this context of e-commerce boom.
Taxes: E-Commerce in the Authorities' Sights
May-19-21 | Within the framework of the fiscal adjustment being discussed in El Salvador in order to sign an agreement with the IMF, local authorities intend to apply VAT, ISR and other specific taxes to companies that sell their products and services online.
E-Commerce, Consumers and Behavior
Apr-29-21 | In Costa Rica, most of the customers who make purchases through digital channels are young women, a good part of this group of people resides in San Jose and buy through social networks.
Retail: Costs vs. Profitability
Mar-26-21 | Accurately calculating freight costs and delivery times to make online sales profitable for companies are, in this context of the e-commerce rise, some of the most important challenges for the retail sector.
E-Commerce: Tax Exemptions in Costa Rica
Mar-23-21 | Once Cauca IV comes into force, Costa Rican consumers will be exempted from paying duties on Internet purchases made abroad by Costa Rican consumers that do not exceed $500.
E-Commerce and New Challenges
Mar-22-21 | Keeping online inventories as close as possible to their customers through the strategic location of emerging distribution centers, micro-distribution centers and dark stores is currently one of the most important challenges for companies.
Logistics Complexes and Market Demand
Mar-15-21 | Small warehouses located in strategic locations that serve to quickly distribute the merchandise sold online, are the type of properties that in this context of new business reality have gained ground.
Supply Chains: Challenges in the New Reality
Mar-2-21 | Reducing delivery times of products sold through digital channels and maintaining different supply and distribution options to face scenarios of trade restrictions are some of the challenges that companies face in this new business reality.
E-Commerce: New Platform in Costa Rica
Feb-23-21 | DÚ, a digital platform that allows passengers to make online purchases at the Juan Santamaria Airport, began operating on February 22 at the air terminal.
E-Commerce: Trends at the Beginning of 2021
Feb-17-21 | In Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras, interest in e-commerce services rebounded in January 2021 and in El Salvador and Guatemala, the number of Internet searches associated with the topic has not reported significant variations in recent months.
Taxes: E-Commerce will be Taxed in Guatemala
Jan-19-21 | In order to force companies to comply with the payment of taxes on sales made through electronic channels, as of June 2021 SAT will begin to use a digital platform that will analyze the information that appears on social networks.
E-commerce: More Competition in Costa Rica
Jan-18-21 | Mawi and Tenndo are recently created digital platforms that in the Costa Rican market will be dedicated to commercialize services and products of SMEs and independent professionals through the Internet.
E-Commerce, Competition and Business Strategies
Jan-8-21 | Investing in automatic learning systems to offer the most appropriate products for each consumer and to strengthen the relationship between customers and manufacturers, are strategies that could improve the income of online stores.
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