Cooking Ovens: $88 Million in Purchases
Apr-11-22 | There is a 100% growth in purchases of cooking and roasting ovens in the Central American region by importing $88 million, mainly from Chinese companies that monopolize 50% of the market.
Microwave Ovens: Regional Business Recovers
Feb-28-22 | Imports for the second quarter of 2021 of microwave ovens from Central America, recovered by 103% reaching $24 million in purchases, mainly from China, which monopolizes the market with $17 million in sales, equivalent to 71%.
Microwave Ovens: Imports up in the First Quarter of 2021
Oct-20-21 | During the first quarter of 2021, Honduras was the main importer of microwave ovens in the Central American region, in this period the largest supplier was China with 72.17% representing $7.1 million.
Microwave Ovens: $25 Million in Business in the Region
May-14-21 | In 2020, companies in Central American countries imported microwave ovens for $25 million, and 78% of total purchases were made from companies in China and Malaysia.
Tender for $9 Million in Household Appliances
Apr-28-21 | In the Dominican Republic, the Presidency's Social Assistance Plan is tendering for the supply of appliances and household goods to be donated to low-income families for a 12-month period.
Tender for Household Appliances in Panama
Apr-8-21 | The General Directorate of Public Procurement is tendering the contract to supply state entities with different types of household appliances and home appliances for the period from 2021 to 2023.
Microwave Ovens: Regional Market Figures
Feb-4-21 | From January to June 2020, companies in Central American countries imported $12 million worth of microwave ovens, and 83% of total purchases were made from companies in China and Malaysia.
Household Appliances: Demand Trends
Nov-3-20 | Between July and October 2020, the number of people in Guatemala looking online for options to buy a coffee machine increased by 87%, while the number of Salvadoran consumers looking to buy a vacuum cleaner decreased by 60%.
Household Appliances: Consumer Interests
Sep-16-20 | Interest in household appliances fell considerably in Central America in March and April, but in recent months the situation has been reversed and the volume of interactions related to the issue has grown among consumers in the countries of the region.
Household Appliances: Potential Market in Central America
Jul-2-20 | More than 4 million people in the region are looking to buy appliances online, and 19% of these consumers are exploring options for purchasing climate control equipment.
Kitchen Appliances and Interest Levels
May-28-20 | In recent weeks, interest in kitchen appliances in the region's markets has increased, with Honduras and Guatemala recording the largest increases in interactions on the subject.
Household Appliances: Market Share of the Ovens Market
Feb-19-20 | In Central America, it is estimated that Mabe, Panafoto, Elektra Guatemala, El Gallo mas Gallo de Alajuela, GMG Comercial and Corporación de Supermercados Unidos, account for about 16% of total imports of microwave and electric ovens.
Household Appliances: Market Share in Central America
Feb-4-20 | At the regional level, it is estimated that Mabe Guatemala, Distribuidora Electrónica, GMG Comercial Costa Rica and Mabe de El Salvador accounted for about 23% of total kitchen imports.
Central America Purchases More Microwave Ovens
Jan-16-20 | From January to June 2019, companies in Central American countries imported microwave ovens for $17 million, which is 8% more than the amount reported for the same period in 2018.
Kitchen Ovens: Business with Mexico Up 14%
Oct-16-19 | In the first quarter of 2019, purchases of electric ovens and grills in the region's countries totaled $20 million, and purchases from companies in Mexico increased 14% over the same period in 2018.
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