Economic Reopening: Sanctions in Guatemala
Oct-16-20 | Arguing that this is misleading advertising, the Directorate of Consumer Services has sanctioned businesses that offer "covid-19 free zones" in the country's capital.
Biosafety Protocols: Sanctions for Companies
Aug-20-20 | Companies in El Salvador that do not comply with the biosecurity measures stipulated in the protocols for reopening the economy may be sanctioned with the temporary closure of their operations.
Economic Reopening in the Absence of Official Protocols
Jul-29-20 | With the application of the Health Alert System by covid-19, the Guatemalan economy was reopened, however, the operating guidelines and specific health and safety protocols for various economic activities have not been made official.
EU Pressures Nicaragua
Dec-20-19 | The European Parliament's plenary session proposes that the European Commission apply the democratic clause in the EU-Central America Association Agreement, which would involve Nicaragua's withdrawal from the agreement.
Illegal Fishing: Sanction for Panama
Dec-16-19 | Since the country has not made enough efforts to eradicate illegal fishing, the European Union sanctioned it with a yellow card, a warning that precedes the red card, which if applied would prohibit the entry of Panamanian fishery products into Europe.
Guatemala: Sanctions against Cell Phone Vendors
Dec-12-19 | The Superintendence of Telecommunications prepares the procedure to start issuing sanctions of up to $25,800 from February 2020, to businesses that do not have a registry of mobile terminal equipment and SIM cards.
Heavy Transport: Excess Cargo Sanctions
Nov-20-19 | On November 20, the moving weighing system began operating in Guatemala, which will verify that the weight and dimensions of the cargo vehicles are within the permitted range, otherwise the respective sanctions will be applied.
Digicel Fined in El Salvador
Sep-23-19 | The sanction was imposed following a complaint made "by TVC Network, S.A. de C.V., against Digicel, S.A. de C.V., for a possible abusive dominant position."
Costs of Not Having a Competition Law
Aug-23-19 | The lack of a competition law in Guatemala could expose the country to sanctions from the European authorities, since it is a requirement demanded in the regulations of the Association Agreement with the European Union.
Uncertainty Increases over Relationship with the U.S.
Jul-26-19 | Guatemalan exporters report that President Trump's warning about export tariffs and taxes on remittances and transfers is raising doubts among U.S. buyers.
Concern about the Future of the Relationship with USA
Jul-24-19 | Guatemala's business sector responded with concern to President Trump's warning about imposing export tariffs and levies on remittances and transfers.
NAFTA Review and Immigration Crisis
Jul-16-19 | In the NAFTA review carried out by the Central American and U.S. authorities, it is ruled out that the U.S. government will apply trade sanctions in retaliation for the deepening of the migration problem.
VAT in Costa Rica: No Fines or Sanctions until October
Jul-3-19 | The Legislative Assembly approved a moratorium of three non-extendable months, in sanctions, arrears, interests, fines or any other sanctioning disposition, related to the collection of the value added tax, which became effective last July 1.
Raids in Investigation against Stock Exchange
Jun-10-19 | Some days after having initiated the administrative procedure against Aldesa Puesto de Bolsa, the judicial authorities of Costa Rica carried out several raids in the homes of the directors of the entity and its offices.
Investigation Against Stock Exchange Launched
May-27-19 | In Costa Rica, the General Superintendence of Securities initiated an administrative sanctioning procedure against Aldesa Puesto de Bolsa, arguing that the company would not have kept the necessary accounting records.
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