How Much Does the Region Lose in Crime?
Jan-16-20 | Because of factors such as business closures and lack of opportunities, it is estimated that criminal activity costs Honduras and El Salvador 16% of GDP, and in the case of Guatemala, its losses could amount to 7% of its production.
Costa Rica: The High Cost of Insecurity
Dec-20-17 | One in five companies claims to have been a victim of crime this year, and 80% say that about 10% of their operating costs correspond to security.
Insecurity Affecting Productivity of Sugar Sector
Dec-16-14 | Added to the production costs assumed by Salvadoran sugarcane growers during the harvest is expenditure to be made on private security and support for the police to prevent theft and extortion.
Costa Rica: Private Security Grows Octopus Style
Sep-22-14 | Limits to the number of contracted officers and other legal conditions are forcing large security companies to create smaller subsidiaries dedicated to providing services in specific areas.
Extortion Stifling Entrepreneurs in Guatemala
Jun-23-14 | Just on the hiring of private security services companies spend $243 million per year, on top of the payments made to those extorting transport carriers on the roads.
The Private Security Business in Costa Rica
May-27-14 | Between 2003 and 2013 the number of registered services to provide private security companies increased 13 times.  
Central America: Highest Homicide Rate in the World
Apr-11-14 | Drug trafficking and gangs are the main factors responsible for intentional murders in the most violent countries in the world: Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Alarm Systems in Homes Nicaragua  
Mar-5-14 | The growth in the supply of housing has led to an increase in demand for electronic security systems.
Salvadorean Carriers Pay $36 million in Extortion
Dec-19-13 | Despite the increase in extortion payments, 33 drivers died at the hands of criminals in 2013.  
Agriculture in Guatemala Cornered by Crime
Dec-18-13 | Guatemalan agricultural employers spend $300 million on private security representing between 12% and 16% of their budgets.
Lack of Security on Guatemalan Roads
Aug-28-13 | Companies use up to 12% of their budgets to provide security for their transportation teams.
The Problems For Tourism in Guatemala
Jul-24-13 | A survey of 355 tourism companies and hotels points to the cost of power and insecurity as the main obstacles for the tourism sector.
Criminal Violence and Corruption Curbs Business
Jun-3-13 | The phenomenon affects much of Latin America, whose countries spend on average 8% of their GDP on security costs.
Perception of Safety by Businesses in El Salvador
May-29-13 | A survey of Salvadoran entrepreneurs reveals that during 2012, 66% of their companies or their staff were affected up to twice by extortion, kidnapping and murder.
Private Companies Spend More on Security than State
Apr-10-13 | In El Salvador, the state budget allocated to security is $500 million a year, while the total amount invested by private enterprises for self-protection is $600 million.
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