How to Avoid Delays in Supply Chain Processes with Big Data?
Jan-12-22 | There are several ways to bring location intelligence into the supply chain. If you want to improve delivery times and increase throughput, it is vital to identify and solve the root causes of delays.
How to measure foot traffic in a wholesale market?
Nov-12-21 | POI analytics through Big Data techniques allows companies to understand an area of interest and thereby implement strategies, expansion models, and solutions within any business sector.
Footfall analytics for wholesalers: Sysco Vs. US foods
Nov-11-21 | Location intelligence and footfall analytics can be valuable tools for wholesale distributors to maximize their revenue, optimize their processes and choose the best distribution routes for their pickup and last-mile delivery processes.
Location analytics to Optimize Distribution Routes
Nov-9-21 | Location intelligence through techniques based on Big Data collects spatial data in order to improve the decisions made in logistics centers, allowing the use of location and its related data points, creating solutions and optimizing distribution routes.
How do wholesalers use location analytics to understand the performance of their distributors?
Nov-2-21 | Foot traffic and location analytics help wholesale distributors maximize profits, allowing them to reveal where operational inefficiencies are and then implement solutions in problem areas.
Can data science mitigate the supply chain crisis impact?
Oct-27-21 | The current global crisis in supply chains is forcing companies to manage their distribution methods by adopting a proactive approach based on Big Data and advanced analytics.
Problems with Last Mile-Delivery Processes?
Oct-19-21 | Several companies, especially in the retail sector, have realized that they need to challenge traditional last-mile delivery solutions in light of recent advances in technology tools.
Global Supply Chain Crisis? 
Oct-4-21 | COVID-19 and climate change have directly impacted the supply chains of the sectors and industries that generate the most economic output.  
Supply Chains Predictive Analytic benefits
Sep-3-21 | Unlike historical analytics, predictive supply chain analytics allows you to anticipate and prepare for the future, taking out the conjectures planning processes and improving decision making.
POI Analysis and Characterization
Sep-1-21 | Through location analytics, it's possible to identify a place of interest and establish its exact location, helping companies to understand what's happening around a specific place to make better strategic decisions.
How to Map the Geography of my Business?
Aug-18-21 | New technological tools improve logistics processes by generating visualizations that map in detail thousands of assets identifying cost trends, performance along maritime, land and air routes among others.
Predictive Models Applied to the Retail Sector
Jul-23-21 | The use of big data and predictive models has become one of the greatest successes for the sector, thanks to these, it has been possible to take proactive measures based on real-time data and predict future trends.
Geospatial Data to Optimize Supply Chains
Jul-8-21 | Through geospatial data analysis techniques, CentralAmericaData carried out an analysis of five Walmart distribution centers in Florida, United States, with the aim of identifying patterns in the supply chains of these five centers and their relationships with commercial establishments and other logistics complexes in the State.
Supply Chains: Challenges in the New Reality
Mar-2-21 | Reducing delivery times of products sold through digital channels and maintaining different supply and distribution options to face scenarios of trade restrictions are some of the challenges that companies face in this new business reality.
Instability, Confusion and Economic Deceleration
Mar-10-20 | Faced with the advance of the coronavirus epidemic, businessmen in the region are asking citizens to follow only official recommendations to avoid giving way to disorienting versions that only contribute to generate instability and uncertainty.
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