Mobile Digital Classrooms: International Tender
May-28-21 | The Ministry of Education of Nicaragua tenders the supply of all equipment and technological tools, learning software and related services for Mobile Digital Classrooms in Primary schools.
Tender for Cloud Platform Services
May-20-21 | The Honduran Institute of Social Security tenders the services of an enterprise-level cloud technology platform Amazon Web Service, for a one-year term.
Tender for $9 Million in IT Services
May-19-21 | Instituto Costarricense de Acueducto y Alcantarillados tenders IT professional services for systems maintenance and development.
Internet Searches = Market Trends
May-13-21 | By collecting and analyzing the information that Internet search engines store on the queries that consumers make, it is possible to know with a high degree of precision what their interests are and to look for patterns or trends that help to measure performance indicators for a specific topic.
Business Strategy, Technology and the New Reality
May-11-21 | Defining a technological agenda that includes the development of online sales channels, digital marketing and improvement of processes and operations is essential for companies to meet the challenges they must overcome to compete in the new commercial reality.
Satellite Images for Decision Making
May-7-21 | With the technologies available it is possible to use satellite photos to detect types of surfaces and roofs, objects, land use and variance in farmland, and then analyze the results and transform them into useful data for business decision making.
Tender for $54 Million in Technology Solutions
Mar-30-21 | The National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica tenders the Core insurance solution, ERP, HIS, IFRS 17 and 9 Sub accounting, cloud integration services, content manager services and services for implementation, production start-up, maintenance, licensing and support services.
Enterprise Solutions: Logistics Applications
Mar-24-21 | Identifying whether in the logistics chain of crates used for beverage transportation there are possible illegitimate uses and detecting the points in the process where theft is more likely to occur, are part of the problems that can be solved through business intelligence methodologies.
Cloud Services: New Service Center
Feb-26-21 | Amazon Web Services announced that it will open an office in San Jose, Costa Rica, dedicated to supporting the cloud computing adoption process for organizations of all sizes, from startups to some of the oldest and most established companies.
Technology Outsourcing and the Region's Bets
Feb-19-21 | Because companies dedicated to the provision of services are more effective than product manufacturers and their growth is more accelerated, economies such as those of Central America could bet on the outsourcing of technology services.
Technological Solutions for the New Normal
Feb-17-21 | Products and services that allow companies to develop and implement applications anywhere, is one of the characteristics of technological solutions that in this new business reality are required for companies using the tools to be competitive.
Words as Data and Business Intelligence
Feb-10-21 | Thanks to the digitalization of writing and the rise of Internet searches and interactions, words have become very valuable inputs for statistical models and algorithms that allow inferring and reaching very precise conclusions about consumer behavior, among other uses.
Images as Data = Business Solutions
Feb-4-21 | Analyzing satellite photos to estimate the production capacity of an area or evaluating images of a product being sold on the streets to calculate its market-share are some of the business solutions that arise from the transformation of images into data.
IT Solutions: Tender for $3 million
Jan-15-21 | The Bank of Costa Rica tenders the advanced email solution Security Gateway, under the delivery on demand modality.
Costa Rica: Intel to Reopen Assembly Operations
Dec-10-20 | The company announced that over the next three years it plans to invest $350 million in the start-up of chip assembly and testing operations.
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