More Confidence to Invest = Less Migration
Jun-9-21 | Following the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala, the business sector assures that in order to reduce illegal migration from Central America to the US, it is necessary to create a favorable and comfortable environment for local and foreign investment in the countries of the region.
Loan Portfolio: Growth Slows Down
Oct-15-20 | In June 2020, in the context of confinement and the economic crisis, bank credit to the private sector reported an 8% year-on-year increase, but as of July growth began to slow and in September the increase was 5.7%.
Country Brand Project Expectations
Jul-11-19 | With the strategic development of the Guatemala Country Brand, there are expectations in the business sector to jointly promote investments, exports and tourism.
Banking Confidentiality and International Perception
Jun-19-19 | In its next evaluation, the OECD could lower Guatemala's rating, because in August last year access to bank information with a court order was suspended, which could lead to an increase in the credit price.
Vertical Construction for Savings
Apr-25-19 | Investments in the development of basic road infrastructure could be more efficient in the metropolitan area of Guatemala if more vertical construction is encouraged.
Guatemala Needs More Social Housing
Feb-14-19 | Currently, 13,000 homes are built per year, however, to reduce the housing deficit in the country, at least 55,000 units should be built annually.
Credit to the Private Sector up 7%
Feb-5-19 | At the end of 2018, credit granted to the business sector in Guatemala registered a 7% increase over December of the previous year.
Guatemala Declines in Competitiveness
Oct-18-18 | Partly explained by delays in the labor market, between 2017 and 2018 the Central American country moved from 91st to 96th place in the Global Competitiveness Index.
Business Conference in Guatemala
Aug-8-18 | Enade 2018 will be held on October 11 and its central theme will be solving the problem of the housing deficit that is affecting the country.
Guatemala: Increase in Paperwork for Construction Projects
Apr-11-16 | Now, in addition, an inquiry must be made at the National Committee of Protected Areas to determine if a construction project is within a protected sector.
Guatemala: Economic Situation up to December 2015
Feb-3-16 | In 2015, the country received less income from tourism and exports, and also sold less to Central American countries.
Don't Pay Taxes, Build Public Works
Sep-14-15 | In Guatemala it has been proposed that private companies invest in the construction of local public works an amount equivalent to what they should pay in taxes.
Guatemala: Extorsion Crimes Increase
Feb-18-15 | In the last three years extortion offenses have increased by 20%, affecting competitiveness and reducing the country's ability to attract foreign investment.
Guatemala: Government Expands Tax Reform
Feb-3-15 | Despite several announcements of new taxes, the government will focus on controlling tax evasion and leave the decision to implement a tax reform to future administrations.
ENADE 2014 in Guatemala
Aug-4-14 | The eleventh edition of the ENADE business meeting will be held on October 9th in the capital and will focus on the issue of citizen security.
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