Textile Industry with Subsistence Income
Aug-13-20 | Against the backdrop of an imbalance in trade and restrictions decreed in several markets around the world, Central American companies in the garment business are operating and generating export earnings at levels that merely allow them to subsist.
Retail and Digital Transformation
Jun-12-20 | Considerable investments in the digitalization of operations, the closure of small stores and the expansion of the commercial area of the best located sales points, is part of the strategy that companies are beginning to implement in the new context of business transformation.
Covid-19: Forecast for the Textile Sector
Mar-26-20 | The impact that the crisis will have on companies related to the textile, leather and clothing sector in Central America is estimated to be explained, to a greater extent, by the expected drop in sales of carpets and curtains.
Textile Sector Loses Competitiveness
Jun-17-19 | In recent years, the sector in Guatemala has lost nearly 30,000 jobs, because the high costs resulting from having one of the highest minimum wages in the region, makes it more profitable only to export raw materials, rather than making them in the country.
Textiles: $349 Million in Regional Purchases
May-28-19 | In the first nine months of the year, imports of yarns and textile inputs in Central America totaled $349 million, registering a 14% drop over the same period in 2017.
Textile Sector Needs More Job Flexibility
May-14-19 | Because there is still no regulation for part-time employment in Guatemala, textile businessmen estimate that the country loses between 40 and 70 thousand jobs.
International Event for Textile Companies
Apr-26-19 | From May 14 to 16 in Guatemala, textile exporters from the region will meet with international buyers at Apparel Sourcing Show, to explore business opportunities.
Textiles: Innovate to Reach New Markets
Dec-5-18 | The use of nanotechnology in production processes is one of the investments that companies in the textile industry will have to make to compete at a global level.
Textiles: Imports up to June 2018
Nov-12-18 | During the first six months of the year, imports of yarns and textile supplies in Central America totaled $264 million, registering a 3% decrease over the same period in 2017.
Textile Trade Figures in Central America
Jul-30-18 | In the first quarter of the year, imports of yarns and textile supplies in Central America totaled $127 million, registering a 10% drop compared to the same period in 2017.
Clothing: Record Imports in 2017
Jun-1-18 | Last year Central America imported $1.467 billion worth of clothing and clothing accessories, the highest value in the last six years, registering a 15% increase compared to 2016.
Textiles: $700 million in Trade Projected
Apr-19-18 | In an industry fair to be held in May in Guatemala, organizers expect to generate around $700 million in trade deals.
New Textile Distribution Center
Feb-8-17 | The spanish company that manufactures textiles for hotels and hospitals, Resuinsa, has announced the opening in Costa Rica of a distribution center for the region.
USA Pulls Out of Transpacific Agreement
Jan-23-17 | This is good news for Central American textile manufacturers. We will have to wait and see what other protectionist measures will be implemented by President Trump.
Central America Happy Over Trump´s TPP Decision
Nov-23-16 | If the United States withdraws from the Transpacific Agreement, there will be less risk of competition from Asian countries for the Central American textile industry.
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