Textile Sector Loses Competitiveness
Jun-17-19 | In recent years, the sector in Guatemala has lost nearly 30,000 jobs, because the high costs resulting from having one of the highest minimum wages in the region, makes it more profitable only to export raw materials, rather than making them in the country.
El Salvador: Exports Up 4% in July 2018
Sep-3-18 | The manufacturing industry, including maquilas, accounted for 96% of total exports, and closed with an annual growth rate of almost 4%, equivalent to $130 million.
Textile Trade Figures in Central America
Jul-30-18 | In the first quarter of the year, imports of yarns and textile supplies in Central America totaled $127 million, registering a 10% drop compared to the same period in 2017.
Panama and Colombia Try to Resolve Tariff Dispute
Jun-20-18 | The business associations of both countries started working on a joint plan to solve a problem that has been causing them damage for the last six years.
El Salvador Wants to Sell More Raw Materials for Textiles
Apr-13-18 | The sector's union says that the strategy focused on producing fabrics and yarns for export is already paying off, and they intend to continue in order to become the region's main supplier.
Tariff Conflict Between Panama and Colombia
Mar-22-18 | A little more than a month after the Panamanian government decided to raise import tariffs on various products as a measure of retaliation against the South American country, representatives from both governments reaffirmed their positions at a WTO hearing.
El Salvador: The Top 5 Textile Exports in 2017
Mar-13-18 | According to the textile industry union, half of the $2.6 billion exported in 2017 corresponded to pullover sweaters, cotton t-shirts, cotton briefs, synthetic fiber t-shirts and synthetic socks.
Textiles in El Salvador: Outlook for 2018
Mar-6-18 | The textile guild has stated that 2017 closed with $2.6 billion in exports and an increase of almost 4%, and for this year it plans to achieve similar growth.
El Salvador: Exports Up 6%
Jan-30-18 | In 2017 exports totaled $5,760 million, 6% more than in 2017, and sales of clothing and sugar were the ones that accounted for most of the increase.
Export from Free Zones to Grow in 2018
Jan-9-18 | After having recorded a slight fall in 2017, companies in the free trade zone regime of Nicaragua plan to achieve a 5% growth in their exports this year.
Textile sector: Production Becomes More Expensive in El Salvador
Dec-21-17 | Salvadoran textile companies state that the costs of labor, security and delivery times have made the sector's operations more expensive.
El Salvador: Textile Exports Decline
Jul-7-17 | The Textile Industry Association reported a reduction of almost $17 million in value exported in the first quarter of the year, compared to the same period in the previous year.
Textile Companies Seeking Business in Guatemala
Jul-7-17 | Companies from Hong Kong and Taiwan could be interested in setting up a synthetic and manufacturing plant in the country.
Textiles in Guatemala: Business with China
May-24-17 | Companies in the Asian country are looking to provide Guatemalan textile workers with accessories, threads and synthetic fabrics with finishes.
Textile Business Grows in Central America
May-10-17 | In 2016, the value of imported yarns and textile raw materials in the region amounted to $328 million, equivalent to 89 thousand tons, 6% more than the volume purchased in 2015.
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