Battle of the Pharmacies: San Pablo vs. Guadalajara
Oct-22-21 | Mobility analytics and location intelligence play an important role in business by helping to understand the behavioral patterns of consumers in any given zone of interest or point of sale.
Footfall analytics: Costco Wholesale Vs. Sam's Club
Oct-21-21 | Big Data technological tools and spatial data play a very important role in business by measuring footfall and helping to understand consumer behavior patterns in any given area of interest or point of sale.
Microwave Ovens: Imports up in the First Quarter of 2021
Oct-20-21 | During the first quarter of 2021, Honduras was the main importer of microwave ovens in the Central American region, in this period the largest supplier was China with 72.17% representing $7.1 million.
Ceramic Products: Guatemala Main Importer in 2020
Oct-20-21 | During 2020, the main buyer of ceramic products was Guatemala with $83.2 million, in this year the purchases mainly came from China with a value of $75.4 million.
$20 Million in Commercial Expansion
Oct-19-21 | The real estate company in charge of Oakland Mall will begin phase three of the expansion, which will have five levels and basements for different areas.
Problems with Last Mile-Delivery Processes?
Oct-19-21 | Several companies, especially in the retail sector, have realized that they need to challenge traditional last-mile delivery solutions in light of recent advances in technology tools.
How to Maximize Revenue and Visits in Shopping Centers?
Oct-18-21 | Analytics based on Big Data allows mall operators to maximize revenues and visits by better selecting tenants, optimizing mall design, determining rents, establishing signage and advertising campaigns, etc.
Visits battle: Whole Foods Market vs. Sprouts Farmers Market
Oct-15-21 | Understanding consumer mobility patterns is critical for all types of businesses. Big Data tools, spatial data, and anonymized and aggregated mobility data play a very important role in these analyses, as they enable the measurement of foot traffic and consumer behavior patterns in any given area or point of interest.
POI analytics in Luxury Shopping Malls
Oct-14-21 | The POI characterization through Big Data has become more frequent as it allows the implementation of strategies and solutions within the business sectors.
POI Data: How does it Benefit Businesses?
Oct-12-21 | Location intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies establish, operate and expand their business.
How to use POI analytics to understand commercial areas?
Oct-12-21 | Location intelligence and POI characterization through Big Data are increasingly being used to make business decisions in the retail, real estate, logistics, and port sectors, among others.
Big data and Market Share
Oct-6-21 | Big Data together with mobility analytics and location intelligence techniques allow increasingly accurate estimates of the levels of visits received by points of sale, revealing geographic patterns of brand loyalty and market penetration.
Foot traffic Analytics: Burger King Vs. McDonald´s
Oct-8-21 | Location and Footfall Analytics has changed the way retailers implement marketing and commercial strategies in the fast-food restaurant franchise business.
Water Heaters: Brazil, Main Distributor
Oct-12-21 | For the first quarter 2021, in the Central American region, who positioned itself as the largest importer of water heaters was Costa Rica, the country as the main supplier is Brazil.
Light Trucks: First Quarter 2021
Oct-12-21 | During the first quarter of 2021, the largest importer in Central America was Guatemala with $14 million, the main supplier was Japan with 47.6% of the market.
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