Retail of the Future: What's Next for Physical Stores?
Sep-22-21 | The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated the growth of e-commerce, but physical stores are still far from disappearing.
Balanced Animal Feed
Sep-22-21 | The National Autonomous University of Honduras requires the acquisition of balanced feed for animal production and mineral supplement provisions for the Centro Universitario Regional del Litoral Atlantico.
Coffee: Nicaragua Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-21-21 | In 2020, Nicaragua was positioned as the largest exporter of Central America with $440.1 million, in addition, the main buyer of coffee was the United States with 35.53% equivalent to $832.7 million, followed by Germany with $330.1 million.
Big Data to Choose the Location for a New Business
Sep-21-21 | In order to identify the optimal place to establish a new business, for example, an educational center, it is key to resort to geolocation analytics and mobility analysis.
Industrial Complex in Guatemala
Sep-21-21 | In Guatemala there are plans to build an industrial complex called "Zdeep Gualan Zacapa" with different areas to function in customs, providing services in customs operations, which will enable an area of Free Zone of Public Spatial Economic Development.
Disposable Medical Supplies
Sep-20-21 | The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), requires the purchase of four million two hundred thousand disposables, sterile venoclysis equipment for the infusion of serum, the form of delivery in six dates with 700 thousand units each, starting on January 20, 2022 and the following with two months of interval.
Refrigerators: Costa Rica, Main Importer in 2020
Sep-20-21 | During 2020, Costa Rica was positioned as the largest buyer in the region with 87 million, the main selling country for this year was Mexico with 73.6 million equivalent to 30.92%.
Tender for Technological Equipment
Sep-20-21 | The Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic requires different technology equipment for communications, ranging from batteries for lights to computers in different quantities.
Tender for Construction Materials
Sep-20-21 | The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing of Guatemala is conducting a tender to purchase different materials for the construction of houses for people affected by the tropical depressions Eta and Iota in some municipalities of the departments of Petén, Zacapa and Alta Verapaz.
Geolocation: How Does It Help Retail?
Sep-17-21 | Business intelligence and technological tools allow retail businesses to thoroughly analyze the behavior of their customers inside and outside their stores.
Location Analytics in the Real Estate Market
Sep-17-21 | This analysis enables real estate companies to make data-driven decisions on issues that define the success of a real estate business, from acquisitions, leasing, investments to marketing campaigns and operational processes.
Liquid Pumps: Panama Main Importer in 2020
Sep-16-21 | During 2020, Panama positioned itself as the largest importer of pumps for liquids in Central America with $46 million, the largest supplier was the United States with 44.05% representing $56.7 million, however, it can be seen that in the Central American region it dropped by 42.96% compared to 2019.
Palm Oil: Costa Rica is the Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-16-21 | In 2020, Costa Rica positioned itself as the largest exporter in Central America by selling $148.4 million, and the Netherlands acquired 24.87% of the region's exports.
Retail: Benefits of Implementing Real-Time Analytics
Sep-15-21 | In order for retailers to stay ahead of digital competition, they must overcome cost and flexibility disadvantages; it's necessary to have real-time insight into what is happening inside and outside the point of sale.
Medical Supplies for COVID-19
Sep-14-21 | In Nicaragua, the general procurement division of the Ministry of Health tenders the procurement of medicines, MRP and laboratories for the supply of health units with COVID-19 care.
$14 Million in Airport Cleaning Services in Panama
Sep-14-21 | Panama requires specialized cleaning and sanitation services for Terminal 1, 2 and Cargo Terminal, annex buildings and surrounding areas of Tocumen International Airport for a 36-month period.
Apartment Tower in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the construction of a tower with apartments and commercial space on the first level is foreseen; it will have rooftop amenities, green areas, and parking space.
Building Lease in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the lease of a building to house DRIPSSRB officials is being tendered in the form of an abbreviated bidding process.
Is Data the New Oil?
Sep-13-21 | In the digital era, data is being created at a speed never seen before, and its proper application in business intelligence is already generating incalculable value for businesses
Tender for Vehicle Tires in Guatemala
Sep-13-21 | The Municipality of San Pedro Soloma in Guatemala requires the purchase of tires for machinery, trucks and vehicles, totaling 136 for fiscal year 2021.
McDonald's Vs. Burger King: Foot traffic Analysis
Sep-10-21 | Location Analytics has changed the way marketing and commercial strategies are defined in the fast-food restaurant franchise business.
Analytics to understand customers' behavior patterns
Sep-10-21 | Customer behavior analysis it's important because it helps businesses to understand how users interact with a brand, now it can be done in a more objective and real way using Big Data management techniques
How to Use Transportation Analytics and its benefits
Sep-8-21 | Through data analytics it's possible to improve vehicle performance, reduce costs, improve processes, establish strategies, optimize routes and times, and foresee and identify problems, among others.
Foot Traffic Data Business Benefits
Sep-7-21 | Foot traffic data consists of spatial data (GIS), and is at the core of building intelligent strategies, transportation routes, processes and decision making in both public and private sectors.
Construction: Corporate Building in Costa Rica
Sep-7-21 | In Costa Rica, the construction of the "San Pedro Business Center" project is planned, with eleven levels for office rentals and a commercial area, in addition to two basements for parking.
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