Tender for the Design, Construction and Equipping of Hospitals
Jun-20-22 | The Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala, through an international bidding process, requires the supervision of the design, construction and equipment of the hospitals to be located in the departments of Mazatenango and Jutiapa.
$27 Million in Commercial Construction
Jun-20-22 | Costa Rica plans to build a 22-story commercial building, with a completion date of April 2024.
$6 Million for the Construction of a Sports Complex
Jun-20-22 | The Panamanian Sports Institute will build a sports complex in Herrera with four training areas, on a site of almost 14 thousand square meters.
Soups: Sector Recovers in 2021
Jun-20-22 | By 2021, purchases in the Central American region increased by 18% to reach $65 million, with Salvadoran companies importing a value of $30 million.
Watermelon: Sales Remain Stable in 2021
Jun-20-22 | For 2021, watermelon exports were unchanged significantly, during that year 140,093 metric tons were registered with a value of $52 million, mainly destined for the United States of America, reaching $23 million in purchases from the Central American region.
Glass: Purchases in Q3 of 2021 on Rise
Jun-13-22 | During the third quarter of 2021 there was a recovery in purchases of glass and its manufactures by the Central American region, reaching $269 million, with Guatemala being the main importer with $47 million.
Cell Phones: China Becomes the Main Supplier in the Region
Jun-13-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, there is a slight growth in purchases made in Central America, reaching almost $100 million, with Chinese companies cornering the market by 35% by selling $346 million.
Tender for $30 Million in Road Construction
Jun-13-22 | The tender includes construction of several road sections and vehicular bridges in different locations in the province of Cocle, Panama.
$6 Million Solar Project to Be Built
Jun-13-22 | The energy project will have almost 30 thousand solar panels, in an area of over 42 hectares, to produce up to 40 mega watts.
Luxury Residences in Guatemala
Jun-13-22 | The residential project will be carried out in a 24-month period, with a construction of 18 thousand square meters, for 13 floors and four basements, with the capacity to offer 75 apartments with different typologies.
Tender for Medicines in May 2022
Jun-7-22 | More than 10 thousand results were observed during May 2022 in tenders under the heading "health and medicines", ranging from medical treatments to equipment and machinery used in the health sector.
Veterinary Vaccines: Guatemala Dominates Regional Purchases
Jun-6-22 | For the third quarter of 2021, an increase in regional imports of vaccines for veterinary use from Central America is observed with $34 million, Guatemala being the main buyer with $11 million.
Human Vaccines: $250 Million in Regional Purchases
Jun-6-22 | Purchases of vaccines for human use in Central America as of the third quarter of 2021 represented a value of $250 million, with Guatemalan companies being the main importers with $73 million.
Tender for $50 Million in Essential Medicines
Jun-6-22 | The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance requires the acquisition of 71 different medicines to be used in the High Cost Medicines and Medical Aids Program (PMAC), which will be carried out under the Exception Purchase mechanism.
$22 Million in Residential to be Developed in Panama
Jun-6-22 | In Panama there are plans to develop a residential complex with commercial spaces, executed in five phases that will last 18 months each, to be completed in a period of seven and a half years.
Hotel and Residential Development in El Salvador
Jun-6-22 | El Salvador is starting a housing development between subdivisions, residences and apartments, as well as commercial construction with hotels with different capacities and amenities.
Hospitals Tender $30 Million for Janitorial Services
May-30-22 | Three hospitals in Panama are tendering for cleaning, sanitation and disinfection services for equipment, furniture and facilities, as well as hospital waste management for a 24-month period.
Tractors: $130 Million Recovery in the Sector
May-30-22 | Purchases of tractors by Central America increased by 112% to represent $130 million, Guatemalan companies lead imports with $9 million, with the United States being the main supplier to the region.
Paints and Varnishes: Costa Rica, Main Supplier
May-30-22 | Sales of paints and varnishes in Central America reached $124 million and Costa Rican companies led with $50 million in sales in the region, the main export destination was Honduras with $31 million.
Construction Sector: Residential in El Salvador
May-30-22 | In Usulután, department of El Salvador, there are plans to develop lots for housing construction in a 45,000 square meter polygon.
$27 Million for the Construction of a Road Structure
May-30-22 | In Guatemala, a 1,400-meter-long highway and two bridges totaling 518 meters long and 15 meters wide will be built.
Televisions: Purchases for $400 million
May-24-22 | For the third quarter of 2021 a recovery is observed in the Central American region by importing almost $400 million of televisions, mainly from Mexico with sales of $213 million, monopolizing the Central American market.
Tender for $8 Million in Hospital Equipment
May-24-22 | The government of the Dominican Republic tenders through the National Health Service, various equipment for laboratory use in hospitals nationwide.
$200 Million in Residential Construction
May-24-22 | In Panama, a residential megaproject will be built in an area of 195 hectares to provide residential housing, apartment buildings, duplexes, commercial premises, and spaces for institutions that provide neighborhood services.
$54 Million for the Construction and equipping of a new library
May-24-22 | The government of El Salvador, with the cooperation of the People's Republic of China, is planning the construction of the new National Library, with a large and illuminated design so that users can access spaces both inside and on terraces with commercial areas.
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