Central America - Mercosur FTA: Will It Be Done?
Dec-5-19 | The possibility of negotiating a free trade agreement with the trade bloc of South American countries is back on the discussion.
Laminated Products: Import Controversy
Nov-12-19 | At the request of Ternium, the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy conducts an import investigation to determine whether or not a safeguard can be applied, a measure opposed by the commercial sector.
Agreement with United Kingdom: Growing Pressure in Guatemala
Sep-30-19 | Executive authorities and business representatives asked Congress to speed up the ratification of the Association Agreement with the United Kingdom, as the process must be completed by 31 October this year.
Promise to Sign FTA with South Korea
Aug-9-19 | Guatemalan authorities, the only country in the region that is negotiating the FTA with Korea unilaterally, announced that they will speed up efforts to sign the agreement before the end of the year.
Pressure to Approve Highway Concession
Apr-24-19 | Authorities in Guatemala verify the progress of the bill for the rehabilitation and operation of the Escuintla-Puerto Quetzal Highway, which was presented to Congress six months ago and have yet to make a statement.
Telecommunications and Foreign Investment
Jan-29-19 | In the last eleven years in Guatemala, companies providing telecommunications services have invested just over $1.26 billion in the sector.
Guatemala: 2019 International Business Agenda
Jan-2-19 | For this year, one of the priorities Morales administration has as a priority to advance in the signing of free trade agreements with South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom.
Foreign Direct Investment is Stagnating
Dec-18-18 | During 2018, Guatemala received $1.175 million in FDI, barely 0.5% more than the investment reported in 2017, mainly because of the political and legal uncertainty that ruled the country.
Progress in Partial Employment Law
Dec-5-18 | In Guatemala, the law regulating part-time work has already been reviewed by the Attorney General's Office and awaits the approval of the Council of Ministers.
Construction: Digital Procedures in Guatemala
Dec-4-18 | The Guatemalan government expects that in the first two months of 2019, all procedures related to the issuance of construction permits can be carried out online.
Merchant Companies Creation Facilitated
Nov-20-18 | In Guatemala, a new entity was created called Sociedad de Emprendimiento, whose registration cost will range between $128 and $192 and will be available as of the first quarter of 2019.
Free zones: Reforms Stagnate
Sep-20-18 | Two years after having been presented at the Guatemalan Congress, the initiative to reform the Free Zones Law is still awaiting approval.
South American Beef in Guatemala
Aug-3-18 | Negotiations are taking place with companies in Argentina and Paraguay to import beef and supply the local market, which would increase supply and help push prices down.
Plan to Streamline Construction Procedures
Jul-23-18 | In Guatemala, the builders' union and the government signed an agreement to work on simplifying and reducing procedures required to obtain a construction license.
How to Improve Investment Promotion
Jul-18-18 | A bill by the Morales administration in Guatemala proposes creating an agency that would manage issues of commercial promotion, competitiveness, investment attraction and country brand.
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