Agriculture: Solutions Based on Satellite Imagery
May-28-21 | Through information solutions based on the use of satellite photos, the application of classification models and the implementation of machine learning algorithms, it is possible to optimize the management of large plantations and minimize the risks faced by crops that affect profitability per hectare planted.
Food, Medicine and Price Rise
Dec-2-20 | The business sector in Guatemala is anticipating an increase in the prices of food and medicines, due to the government's decision to raise the cost of procedures such as the issuance of licenses and health registrations, required to market these products.
Consequences of Protectionism
Nov-18-20 | Based on the willingness of Costa Rican authorities to raise the tariff on imported sugar from 45% to 73%, Brazil decided to raise the entry taxes on four animal products from Costa Rica.
Pets: Potential Market in Central America
Oct-20-20 | Go Pet, located in Paseo General Escalon in San Salvador, has a potential market of 465 thousand consumers 15 minutes away by car, and of this group of people 27% are interested in dogs and 20% in cats.
Dairy: What Does the Consumer Think?
Oct-6-20 | In Central America more than 6 million people search online and participate in conversations associated with dairy products, with ice cream, fudge and yogurt being some of the products with the greatest presence in consumer interactions.
Entrepreneurs Support Trade Dispute
Aug-10-20 | After the Panamanian government agreed to ban the entry of animal products from Costa Rica, Panamanian businessmen supported the measure and asked to discuss the export and import requirements, since they claim that their agricultural products are prevented from accessing the Costa Rican market.
Construction of Agro-Industrial Plant Endorsed
Jun-8-20 | With the rejection of the appeal presented by one of the participating companies, the General Comptroller of the Republic gave the green light to the construction of an agricultural plant in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.
Agro: Companies with Liquidity Problems
Jun-4-20 | In Guatemala, approximately 75% of agricultural enterprises have reported liquidity problems in the context of the crisis generated by covid-19.
Fresh Pineapple: Opportunities in China
May-18-20 | Because the Asian giant is the world's largest buyer of fresh fruit and people are willing to consume new and tropical foods, the region's pineapple producers have the opportunity to increase their business with the Chinese market.
Liquid Milk: Regional Market Up 16%
May-15-20 | In the last five years, liquid milk sales in Central America increased 16%, from $3,935 million in 2014 to about $4,566 million in 2019, growth that was boosted by the Costa Rican and Honduran markets.
China Buys More Costa Rican Beef
Feb-13-20 | After the sanitary protocol to sell meat to China came into effect and the industrial plants in Costa Rica were certified, the Central American country's sales to the Asian giant doubled between 2018 and 2019.
More Inspections of Imported Dairy Products Requested
Feb-12-20 | Arguing that quality and health standards are not being met, Salvadoran farmers are asking for greater controls on milk products entering from Nicaragua and Honduras.
Pets: Consumer Preferences
Jan-29-20 | In Guatemala, the population with the highest average income shows interest in reptiles and fish, and two out of ten consumers show interest in cats as pets.
Animal Feed: Purchases Still Down
Jan-21-20 | In the first semester of 2019, countries of the region imported $218 million in concept of preparations for animal feeding, 14% less than in the same period of 2018.
Biotechnology: Chinese Company Begins Operations in Costa Rica
Dec-20-19 | JH Biotech, a subsidiary of Jianghuai Horticulture seed Co., dedicated to the genetic improvement in seeds of horticultural products started operations in Nandayure, Guanacaste.
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