Coincaex to Launch Operations in El Salvador
Jun-23-21 | After El Salvador approved a legal framework that recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender, the cryptocurrency exchange Coincaex announced that at the end of June it will open an office in the country.
Cryptocurrencies, Uncertainty and Expectations
Jun-17-21 | Following the approval of the legal framework that recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador, one out of two local businessmen are concerned that the circulation of the cryptocurrency is mandatory and one out of three are distrustful of this change in the laws.
Panama: Corporate Credit Decreases 16%
Jun-15-21 | Between April 2020 and the same month of 2021, corporate credit to the local sector decreased 16% from $26,628 million to $22,386 million.
Cryptocurrency Use: CABEI to Advise El Salvador
Jun-15-21 | In order to assess risks, verify regulation and other issues, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration will provide the Salvadoran government with advice on the implementation of the new cryptocurrency scheme, called Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Legalization Risks
Jun-11-21 | Following the approval of the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador by the members of the Legislative Assembly, which creates a legal framework that recognizes this digital currency as legal tender in the country, the IMF warns that financial and legal risks have arisen.
Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender
Jun-9-21 | Following the approval of the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, there is now a new legal framework that recognizes this digital currency as legal tender in the country.
Credits: NO to Moratorium Extension
Mar-8-21 | A few months before the expiration of the law that establishes a moratorium on loans granted by banks, cooperatives and public and private financial institutions in Panama, the banking sector expects that these benefits will not be extended.
Finance: Optimism for New Instrument
Feb-24-21 | Negotiable certificates of deposit, a new investment tool that was authorized in El Salvador, generates expectations because it promises to improve the yield of savings and may be processed with no need to register it in an agency.
Cryptocurrencies are Illegal in Guatemala
Feb-22-21 | After multiple consultations, the Superintendency of Banks announced that virtual currencies or assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other similar ones, are not legal tender in the country.
Optimism for New Financial Leasing Law
Feb-16-21 | Currently, financial leasing operations in Guatemala amount to $1,290 million, but with the approval of the new legal framework the portfolio could increase in the medium term between $1,677 million and $1,935 million.
Guatemala: Endorsement of Financial Leasing Regulation
Feb-12-21 | The Congress approved by articles and final wording the Leasing Law, a legal framework that establishes mechanisms for people to lease with option to purchase.
Financial System at Risk Due to Change in Laws
Feb-11-21 | After the Nicaraguan Assembly approved a bill that forces local banks to allow public officials sanctioned by OFAC to have an account, there are fears that the country will be isolated from the international financial system.
Consumers, Income and Debt
Feb-10-21 | In Costa Rica, a good part of the population is significantly indebted, since it is estimated that two out of every five consumers dedicate 38% or more of their monthly income to debt repayment.
Credits: Flexible Terms during 2021
Feb-3-21 | In order to face the crisis generated by the covid-19 outbreak, Costa Rica extended until December 31, 2021 the measure that allows clients of financial institutions to benefit from extensions, refinancing and readjustments without the need to carry out debtor stress analysis.
Financial Sector: What are the Challenges for 2021?
Feb-1-21 | For 2021, some of the financial institutions competing in the Costa Rican market are betting on placing loans for the purchase of homes, consumer loans and business financing.
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