Meat and Sausages: New Competitor in Costa Rica
Jun-25-21 | Dos Pinos will begin to compete in the Costa Rican beef, pork and sausage market through the La Granja brand.
China: Main Market for Costa Rican Meat
Jun-10-21 | During the first four months of 2021, companies operating in Costa Rica sold $22 million worth of beef to China, this figure represents 54% of the total exported by the Central American country.
Meat: Tests will NOT be suspended
Jun-4-21 | Despite warnings in Costa Rica that there was a deficit in the budget of Senasa, the institution in charge of applying tests to exported and imported meats, the authorities assure that the execution of these tests will not be interrupted.
Livestock: Encouraging Forecasts in Nicaragua
May-14-21 | Because the level of rainfall forecast for the winter is expected to favor livestock activity, entrepreneurs in the sector expect local production of meat and milk to grow during 2021.
Pork Traceability to Reduce Illegal Trade
May-4-21 | In order to improve the sector's production management and guarantee safe pork trade, the Guatemalan government is moving forward with the implementation of the Official Pork Traceability Program.
Beef: Central American Sales Up 16%
Apr-19-21 | From January to September 2020, the countries of the region exported $527 million for beef, 16% more than what was registered in the same period of 2019, a rise that is explained by the behavior of Honduran, Panamanian, Costa Rican and Nicaraguan sales.
More Meat Sales, Fewer Live Cattle
Feb-10-21 | In recent years, Nicaraguan beef exports have been on the rise due to the improved quality of the product, but foreign sales of live cattle have been declining due to the deterioration of trade relations with Venezuela.
Animal Feed: Costs and Prices
Jan-29-21 | The increase in the international prices of corn and soybeans, inputs used to produce animal feed, threatens to put upward pressure on the production costs of meat, eggs and dairy products.
Beef: Regional Exports Up 24%
Jan-28-21 | From January to June 2020, Central American countries reported $359 million in beef sales abroad, 24% more than what was recorded in the same period of 2019.
Beef Price: Operations in Guatemala
Jan-25-21 | Given the announcements made by butchers about the possible increase in the price of beef, the Diaco announces that it has begun operations to prevent speculation.
Trade: Panama-Costa Rica Blockade Gains Support
Jan-19-21 | Given the blockade that has been in place since July 2020 to the entry of animal products from Costa Rica into the Panamanian market, the Panamanian guild of poultry farmers supports the actions taken by the Cortizo administration.
Restaurants: New Competitor in Costa Rica
Dec-15-20 | AR Holdings will invest $1.5 million in the opening of The Capital Grille restaurant on Avenida Escazu.
Meat: One More Step to Export to the U.S.
Nov-23-20 | With the new laboratory for the analysis of toxic residues of bovine, porcine and poultry meat, which will begin to operate as of March 2021, Panama will be able to begin exporting to the US market.
Panama to Export Chicken Meat to China
Nov-18-20 | Authorities from both countries signed a protocol that will allow Panamanian producers to export poultry meat to the Asian nation.
Livestock: Exports up 16%
Oct-14-20 | In Nicaragua, from January to July of this year, exports of livestock products totaled $449 million, 16% more than reported for the same period in 2019, mainly due to increased sales of beef.
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